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Now Hiring – Software Specialist

Posted 2 November 2011 This role will be full-time with regular hours and will be based at our office.


Onware’s customers are engineers, architectural firms and project owners. They are professionals in their field and you will be working with them on a daily basis. Your responsibilities will include:
  • Developing and maintaining documentation for Onware’s products
  • Providing training to Onware’s customers
  • Providing software help and support to Onware’s customers
  • Coordinating between Onware’s customers & software developers


  • Excellent spoken and written English skills
  • Be familiar with the use of Internet Applications
  • Have demonstrated ability on a computer using business software
  • Highly organized
  • Have great attention to detail
  • Be able to multi-task in a fast paced environment
  • Prior experience in the architecture/engineering/construction areas would be an asset


Onware was founded in 2002, developing an Internet application for helping to manage the Contract Administration process on construction projects.
  • We are doing really interesting work including iPad & cloud development
  • Our small team is fun and creative
  • We are a growing business and you will fill an important role as we grow
  • We offer competitive compensation. Our office is located near NAIT’s main campus and Kingsway mall, with easy connections to transit and parking available.
For more information, please see our web site


Please e-mail your resume and cover letter in confidence to We thank all applicants for their interest however only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

What’s coming in 7.4?

Here is a list of the features that are currently under development and are scheduled to appear in Onware 7.4. This list is still subject to change, but should give a good idea of what we will be including.
Meeting Minutes – Update the edit screen format and code to make use of partial page loading, to increase the speed of editing and working with meeting minutes – Add the ability to generate particular reports and attach to the meeting notes (i.e. active PCNs, RFIs, Submittals, COs) – Reports will be output to PDF and the generated PDF will be attached to the meeting notes – Add “Issue” workflow that will issue the meeting minutes after they are completed – Add a “Copy” function when editing a meeting, that will copy the current meeting and allow editing of the location/date/time while staying on the current meeting’s edit screen
Impersonate Any User – Add the ability for Contract Administrators to impersonate any user – An audit log will be created that will record when: 1. A user logs in 2. A user impersonates another user 3. A user creates a document while impersonating another user 4. A user saves/changes a document while impersonating another user – A browse screen will be provided that will allow Administrators to review the audit log – This will be in addition to “Issuing on Behalf Of” which will continue to function as-is
Default E-mail Subscriptions – Create a user preference for default e-mail subscriptions – It will be possible to speficy default e-mail subscriptions when configuring a user – When the user is added to a project, their default e-mail subscriptions will be applied to the project
PCN Re-quote – When rejecting a quotation, do not change the pricing by/on fields – Add new fields for re-pricing by/on which will be set when rejecting a quote – Update re-quote functions to use the new fields
Submittal Editing – Remove the ability to make attachments on Submittals
Project Person Lists – Change the lists of people attached to projects to be sorted by company then person, displaying the company separate from the person’s name (as per specification) – Update the e-mail subscription, alert and distribution list configuration screens to use the new formatting
Person Edit Screen – Combine the person edit and preferences screens – Make all the options on the preferences screen available on the person edit screen
Submittals – Modify ‘To’ drop-down list to include the primary discipline of each person
Browse Screens – Add date span filters (for the Issued date) to PCNs, CCs, and COs as an advanced option, default will be all dates
Quotations on PCNs – Add workflow step to send to the owner for review before finalizing
Unsolicited Change Request – Add the ability to send back to the contractor for re-quote on the same document instead of having to create a second UCR
PDF Generation – Add thumbnails to PDFs uploaded to Onware as attachments – PDF thumbnails will be queued and generated in the background, so may not appear right away** Please note: this will require a full version of Adobe Acrobat installed on the Onware server to generate PDF thumbnails and a copy of Microsoft Office installed to generate thumbnails for Office documents
Default Distribution Lists – Create a user preference for default distribution lists – It will be possible to speficy default distribution lists when configuring a user – When the user is added to a project, their default distribution lists will be applied to the project
Cross Project Report – Update security settings to allow owners to access the cross project report – Make a limited version of the cross project report that will only list projects that the owner belongs to
Project Drop Down Preference – Create a user preference to sort project drop down lists by either project title or project number – Will default to project title – Update project drop down lists to use this preference