Monthly Archives: November 2011

What’s coming in 7.4?

Here is a list of the features that are currently under development and are scheduled to appear in Onware 7.4. This list is still subject to change, but should give a good idea of what we will be including.
Meeting Minutes – Update the edit screen format and code to make use of partial page loading, to increase the speed of editing and working with meeting minutes – Add the ability to generate particular reports and attach to the meeting notes (i.e. active PCNs, RFIs, Submittals, COs) – Reports will be output to PDF and the generated PDF will be attached to the meeting notes – Add “Issue” workflow that will issue the meeting minutes after they are completed – Add a “Copy” function when editing a meeting, that will copy the current meeting and allow editing of the location/date/time while staying on the current meeting’s edit screen
Impersonate Any User – Add the ability for Contract Administrators to impersonate any user – An audit log will be created that will record when: 1. A user logs in 2. A user impersonates another user 3. A user creates a document while impersonating another user 4. A user saves/changes a document while impersonating another user – A browse screen will be provided that will allow Administrators to review the audit log – This will be in addition to “Issuing on Behalf Of” which will continue to function as-is
Default E-mail Subscriptions – Create a user preference for default e-mail subscriptions – It will be possible to speficy default e-mail subscriptions when configuring a user – When the user is added to a project, their default e-mail subscriptions will be applied to the project
PCN Re-quote – When rejecting a quotation, do not change the pricing by/on fields – Add new fields for re-pricing by/on which will be set when rejecting a quote – Update re-quote functions to use the new fields
Submittal Editing – Remove the ability to make attachments on Submittals
Project Person Lists – Change the lists of people attached to projects to be sorted by company then person, displaying the company separate from the person’s name (as per specification) – Update the e-mail subscription, alert and distribution list configuration screens to use the new formatting
Person Edit Screen – Combine the person edit and preferences screens – Make all the options on the preferences screen available on the person edit screen
Submittals – Modify ‘To’ drop-down list to include the primary discipline of each person
Browse Screens – Add date span filters (for the Issued date) to PCNs, CCs, and COs as an advanced option, default will be all dates
Quotations on PCNs – Add workflow step to send to the owner for review before finalizing
Unsolicited Change Request – Add the ability to send back to the contractor for re-quote on the same document instead of having to create a second UCR
PDF Generation – Add thumbnails to PDFs uploaded to Onware as attachments – PDF thumbnails will be queued and generated in the background, so may not appear right away** Please note: this will require a full version of Adobe Acrobat installed on the Onware server to generate PDF thumbnails and a copy of Microsoft Office installed to generate thumbnails for Office documents
Default Distribution Lists – Create a user preference for default distribution lists – It will be possible to speficy default distribution lists when configuring a user – When the user is added to a project, their default distribution lists will be applied to the project
Cross Project Report – Update security settings to allow owners to access the cross project report – Make a limited version of the cross project report that will only list projects that the owner belongs to
Project Drop Down Preference – Create a user preference to sort project drop down lists by either project title or project number – Will default to project title – Update project drop down lists to use this preference