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Details of 7.9.2 release


Combining PDFs for e-mail
  • When e-mails are sent from Onware, all PDF documents will be combined into one PDF attachment
  • File name will display the name of the first document within the PDF attachment and will include “and Attachments”
    • For example: “Supplemental Instruction 000233 – MY SI.pdf” will be combined and renamed to ‘Supplemental Instruction 000233 – My SI and Attachments.pdf”
  • Onware will only combine PDF documents under the e-mail size limit
  • All attachments will still be listed separately in the body of the email; however the attached document to the email will be the combined PDF and any other attachments (non-PDF)
Inactive Projects
  • No longer looks to RFI, Changes or Progress Claims for inactivity in the last 6 months
  • Now reports on inactivity for Transmittals and Alerts
    • This provides comprehensive project inactivity reporting
  • Reported Issue: When viewing an Onware document, selecting the link to view an associated Supplemental Instruction generated error
    • Fix: Corrected the link
  • Reported Issue: When using Internet Explorer, attempting to export a Performance Report into CSV causes error
    • Fix: Corrected issue within Internet Explorer
  • Reported Issue: Quotation Recommendation “standard” template distorts and enlarges the Customer logo
    • Fix: Corrected the Quotation Recommendation “standard” template

Upcoming Webinar: Request for Information (RFI)

RFI Workflow – Consultant’s perspective

Are you a Sub-Consultant who wants a deeper understanding of how Onware manages RFI’s?  Join this webinar to learn:
  • How to respond to an RFI
  • Who can respond to an RFI
10-15 minute webinar followed by 15 minutes Q&A session

When: May 29 @ 10 am MST Rescheduled from May 15

Please RSVP to Connection details will be provided when RSVP has been received


RFI Workflow – Prime Consultant’s perspective

As a Prime Consultant, do you have questions on how Onware handles the RFI Workflow?  Join this webinar to learn:
  • When am I informed of an RFI?
  • Can I change how or when I’m notified?
  • How can I tell which disciplines still require a response to an RFI?
  • How to return RFI to initiator (General Contractor)
  • How to direct RFI to other disciplines
10-15 minute webinar followed by 15 minutes Q&A session

When: June 5 @ 1 pm MST Rescheduled from May 8

Please RSVP to Connection details will be provided when RSVP has been received

Distribution Lists, E-mail Subscriptions and Alerts – Oh My!

What IS the difference between a Distribution List, Email Subscription and Alerts?  What are they and what do they do?

Distribution Lists

Distribution list allows people, when a document is printed, to know whom this document should be distributed to.  When names are added to a project’s distribution list, the names will appear on the bottom of the specified document. Primarily, distribution lists are determined on a per project basis and are created within the project Edit page and are configured using two parameters: Person and Feature/Document (e.g. Proposed Change Notice, Change Order).

E-mail Subscriptions

An E-mail Subscription is a way of notifying Onware users, via e-mail, that a document status has changed within Onware.  An e-mail, including PDF attachments of all corresponding documents[i], is automatically sent by Onware to those with an E-mail subscription. E-mail Subscriptions are typically determined on a per project basis and are configured using three parameters:
  1. Person
  2. Feature/Document E.g. Proposed Change Notice, Change Order
  3. Status E.g. Issued, Approved
The above is an example of an E-mail Subscription configured for the user “Test Prime Consultant” to receive an email when a Change Order has been Issued on this project.  Once this E-mail Subscription has been added, each time a Change Order has been Issued, “Test Prime Consultant” will receive an e-mail (below) with PDF attachments for all documents that pertain to that Change Order.


Alerts are managed and configured automatically within Onware, and are dependent on the user’s Role(s) within Onware.  An Alert is generated for Onware users when their Role is required to perform an action on/with an item. New Alerts awaiting execution are viewable from the Main Menu and/or the Alerts List screen and are determined by two factors:
  1. Onware users Role within Onware
  2. Projects the Onware user has been added to
When the action is completed, the Alert is automatically removed from the Main Menu and/or Alert List for everyone whom received the alert; thus, the Main Menu and/or Alert List is a real-time listing of all items that require the Onware user’s completion.  
[i] E-mails sent by Onware have a maximum size limit of 50 MB.  Should the attachments exceed this size, Onware will provide notification within the e-mail that not all documents are attached.

Details of 7.9.0 release

Below are the details of the Onware 7.9.0 release


Performance Report
  • Added:
    • Filters
    • Partner in Charge field
    • Ability to export to CSV
Supplemental Instruction
  • Added the ability to Cancel a Supplemental Instruction
    • SI must be in initiated state before it can be cancelled
    • Cancel ability is restricted to particular Roles
Project Setup
  • Added a Partner in Charge field
FIXES Company-Project Activity
  • Reported issue: Selecting this option under Projects > Tools generates error
    • Fix: Error no longer occurs
Transmittal Settings
  • Reported issue: Spelling mistakes in the title and/or description
    • Fix: Corrected spelling

Details of 7.8.9 release

Below are the details of the Onware 7.8.9 release


Inactive Projects Report
  • Found under Project Administration > Projects
  • Displays a list of projects that have not had any RFI, Changes or Progress Claims issued in the last 6 months


E-mail Subscription PDF’s
  • Reported issue: When some E-mail Subscriptions were sent out, the Consultant Recommendation attached was titled “Prothos” and displayed an error
    • Fix: This was caused by a CR attached within a PCN through the “Browse” button.  E-mail Subscriptions should no longer contain a “Prothos” attachment with an error, but attach the Consultant Recommendation and title it correctly.
Project Summary
  • Reported issue: Clicking on a UCR link produced an error
    • Fix: Selecting a UCR link, within the Project Summary, should no longer produce an error
Project Set up
  • Reported issue: Contract Percentage Retained only allowed whole numbers (1, 2, 3, etc)
    • Fix: Updated the Contract Percentage Retained field to allow integer numbers (1.5, 2.333, etc)
Proposed Change Notice
  • Reported issue: When using the Consultant Recommendation “Browse” button, and searching for [All] statuses, the Consultant Recommendations returned in the search included Consultant Recommendations within other projects
    • Fix: Update the Consultant Recommendation search to include only those CR’s from that particular project

Details of 7.8.8 release

Below are the details of the Onware 7.8.8 release

Changes to Existing Functionality

Change Order
  • Issue, Acknowledged & Signed is now the default calculation when summing the Previous Amount
Cross Project Report
  • Now found under Project Administration


Person-Project Activity
  • Reported issue: Received error when generating Person-Project Activity listing
    • Fix: Now able to generate Person-Project Activity without error
Embedded Attachments
  • Reported issue: When viewing a document from the Browse/Search page or as a link within another Onware document, selecting its uploaded attachments generates an error
    • Fix: Now able to select and open attachments without error
Creating a Project
  • Reported issue: Unable to add a Project Manager/General Contractor/Owner on new projects
    • Fix: Now able to type name and have Onware produce list of available entries