Monthly Archives: June 2012

Details of 7.9.4 release

New Functionality

Combining PDFs for e-mail
  • Document title of combined PDF will now replicate e-mail subject line For example, e-mail subject of “Project X: Supplemental Instruction 9” will have an attachment titled “Project X: Supplemental Instruction 9 and attachments.pdf”

New Ways to Contact Us

Onware is making a few changes to make it easier to contact us, these include:

New Toll-Free Number

You can now contact us using our toll-free number of 855-781-9273. You can still dial our local number of 780-488-9273.


We are transitioning our e-mail to the domain. You will still be able to contact us at our e-mail addresses, but we will respond using our new addresses. Personal e-mail addresses will still follow the pattern:

Microsoft Lync

We are now using Microsoft Lync for our communications and are available for instant messages and VOIP calls on Lync using our e-mail addresses.

Help Desk

When you call in to Onware using the numbers above, please select option 1 to contact the Help Desk. You may also e-mail the Help Desk either or Using these methods to contact us will ensure that the entire support team at Onware receives your inquiry and will help us to get back to you faster.