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Details of 7.10.6 Release

New Functionality

New Alert – E-mail failed

  • Alert is sent to the Project Manager of the project when the following occurs:
    • E-mail is for a specific project; and
    • E-mail is not related to an Alert Notification
    • E-mail has attempted to be sent 3 times
  • The alert will be cleared when either the alert is dismissed or the e-mail is re-queued for sending

E-mail log

  • Added additional column to “To” table, displaying the person’s e-mail “send to” preference
  • Included ability to delete an e-mail recipient from the list of people the e-mail is addressed to

Audit Log

  • Added audit of removing recipients from outgoing e-mail
  • Added audit of re-queue of outgoing e-mail
  • Added audit of adding or removing people into/from a project

Person Preferences

  • Added warnings, outlined in yellow box, to indicate when:
    • There is no E-mail address specified for person
    • The “Send to” E-mail preference is not set to the default of “Primary”


  • Unsolicited Change Requests and their attachments will now be included in the documents sent within a Change E-mail subscription
  • No longer able to re-open a Change if it has been associated/linked to a Change Order
    • To re-open a Change, remove the Change from the Change Order before attempting to re-open the Change for editing


  • Added ability to re-open the last closed quotation to allow for re-quote
    • Re-open Last Quotation button displays within the Quotation tab of the Change
      • When selected, the most recent closed Quotation on the Change will become editable, allowing you to access the Quotation and select “Request re-quote”
  • Added ability to enter comment, using comment tab, when requesting a Quotation Recommendation from a Sub-Consultant

Standard Template – Change Order

  • Will display General Contractor and Owner Company names, as found within Project Edit Companies, until the Change Order has been acknowledged and/or Approved
    • Once an action (Acknowledge or Approve) has been completed electronically within Onware, the Company name signing line is replaced with Onware’s default electronic signature line (which displays the person’s name, Company and electronic signature, if uploaded into Onware)



Identified Issue: Change Standard Report did not display the linked RFI or SI’s to the Change  correctly Resolution: Fixed RFI and SI linkages within Standard Report Identified Issue: Unable to open CSV/Excel file Resolution: Fixed Change CSV/Excel file

Change Order

Identified Issue: When viewing (or PDF) a Change Order, the table displayed doesn’t include the “total quoted cost” amount from the Change; however the total does display in the “total” field. Resolution: Fixed Change Order table to display “total quoted cost” amount when viewing (or PDF) a Change Order Identified Issue: Change Order Standard report, when an individual contract is selected in the search criteria, does not produce Contract Summary information Resolution: Updated Change Order Standard report to include Contract Summary information when an individual contract is selected in the search criteria

Logos & Signatures

Identified Issue: Company logos would not appear in the PDF of a document if the logo was not a JPEG file type Resolution: Onware now allows Company logos and electronic signatures to display in JPEG, PNG and GIF file types

Quotation Recommendation

Identified Issue: Once a Quotation Recommendation has been initiated, there is no way to access that initiated Quotation Recommendation Resolution: Added ability to see and access, with proper permissions, existing Quotation Recommendations attached to a Quotation.  Sub-Consultants will also have “Edit” access within the Quotation Browse/Search page if they have the ability to enter a Quotation Recommendation on a Quote

What’s New and Different in Version 7.10

What’s Different

New Terminology

New terminology will be reflected for Proposed Change Notices and Certificate for Progress Payments throughout all of Onware.
Versions   prior to 7.10 7.10
Proposed Change   Notice Change
Certificate for   Progress Payment Progress Claim

Top Toolbar Has Been Modified to Look, Feel and Color

The top toolbar has been replaced by a floating toolbar, which sits directly under the status bar.  This toolbar will float, making it available at all times, even when scrolling a page. You will notice that the buttons are now larger, and green!  This is in response to user feedback asking for more defined “action” buttons.

Versions prior to 7.10



Action Buttons

As with the top toolbar, the action buttons (Issuing, Acknowledging, Approving, etc), as well as the Search buttons on the Browse/Search pages, have been increased in size and have, too, also changed color!  Again, this is in response to our user feedback requesting more defined buttons.

Versions prior to 7.10




We have organized the contents of Changes, Quotations and Progress Claims into tabbed areas, allowing separation between workflow steps; reducing confusion as to where workflow steps are located as well as decreasing the amount of scrolling required within a Feature/document.  Tabs are also easier to use when accessing Onware from a tablet device.


Tab Onware will default to

Changes Change tab
Quotations Quotation tab
Progress Claims Progress Claim tab

Browse/Search Pages


Within the Change browse/search table, an additional column for Design Change Orders, has been added.  This will allow the viewing of any Design Change Orders, created within a Change.

Progress Claim

Change Directives can be included in a Progress Claim; however in previous versions of Onware, once the Progress Claim had been issued, it was difficult to determine if Change Directive(s) had been included.  In version 7.10, we have added a Change Directive Report for each Progress Claim.

Request For Information

A Required By date column has been included based on user feedback.


Request For Information

Within the RFI workflow, the RFI action “Return to Initiator” is now returned to the General Contractor Role rather than the individual who initiated or issued the document.  There is no longer a “Return to Issuer” action. As well, in version 7.10, responses will be accessible as they are recorded and will not be restricted from view until it is returned to the General Contractor.


A Prime Consultant no longer has the ability to “Edit” a Change once it has been Issued or Approved.  To “Edit” or re-issue a Change, it will need to be re-opened for editing from the Browse/Search screen’s “Select an Action”.

Contract Breakdown – Progress Claims & changes

Approving a Progress Claim Order and/or Change is now easier!  For those whom do not use the Contract Breakdown feature, you are no longer required to complete the Contract Breakdown and can simply Approve the Progress Claim and/or Change with one click of the “Approve” button! For those whom utilize the Contract Breakdown feature, we have added an “Enter Contract Breakdown” button, which, when selected, will expand and display the Contract Breakdown table.  Once the “Enter Contract Breakdown” button has been selected, completing the table is mandatory.  If the contract only has one contract value, Onware will automatically populate the Progress Claim or Change amount into the table on your behalf.

Versions prior to 7.10



Contract Value Report

We have a new report called the Contract Values Report.  Included with this new report is the ability record a budgeted dollar figure for each Contract Value.  This report can be found in the Project “Edit” under the Contract Value.

Site Visits

Outstanding Items Report

Based on user feedback, we have made adjustments to the content that is displayed in the Site Visit Outstanding Items Report.  As this report only displays deficiencies, we have removed the Deficiency column, while adding a Room Number column and updating the Site Visit number under the Site Visit column. We have also included these changes in the Manipulate Site Visit tool.

Versions prior to 7.10




The below settings are no longer customizable on a per project basis.  As such, if these settings had been customized on a project, upon installation of v7.10 they will be reverted to a default (global only) setting.
  • “Change – Require a Reason and Description”
  • “Consultant Recommendation – Require the Reason Field”
The below processes have been removed from Settings as they are now consistently accessible within a Change.
  • “Require Change Directive Process”
  • “Require Design Change Order Process”
  • “Require Field Order Process”

RFI – Require Suggestion/Comments

The “RFI – Require Suggestion/Comments” setting has been adjusted to be customizable on a per project basis.

What’s New

Change Requests

A Change Request workflow has been implemented, whereby an Owner will receive Change Request alerts to approve or Return (to Issuer) a Change Request from within Onware.  Change Requests will still be initiated from within a Change. With the implementation of the Change Request workflow, we have designed a Change Request browse/search page, available under the Changes category of the Navigation Menu.

Change Order Approval

Onware has implemented the ability to customize, on a per project basis, the distribution and number of Owners required to approve a Change Order.  The customization, called “Change Order Approval” is located within the Project Edit area. Adding people to the Change Order Approval table will alter Onware’s default Change Order workflow at the Owner approval stage.  Rather than sending a Change Order approval alert to all Owners, Onware will reference the Change Order Approval table, sending an alert to the first person listed.  Once this person has approved the Change Order, a subsequent alert is sent to the second person listed in the Change Order Approval table.  This process will continue until all people listed in the Change Order Approval table have received an alert. Additional signing lines, and electronic signatures (if uploaded into Onware), will display in our Standard form. Owners cannot be removed or added as a Change Order Approver until all outstanding Change Orders have been Acknowledged and/or Approved.  As well, Owners must be removed from the Change Order Approval before they can be deleted from the project.

Change Order Sign Off

A Prime Consultant can now Acknowledge and/or Approve a Change Order without the need to impersonate the General Contractor and/or Owner by using the “Sign-Off” function, accessible form the Change Order Browse/Search screen! When “Sign-Off” is selected from the Change Order Browse/Search screen, the Prime Consultant can review the Change Order and, using the person selector, and select the person’s name for Acknowledging and/or Approving the Change Order.  Upon selecting the “Sign-Off Change Order” button, Onware populates the recorded Acknowledged or Approved name(s) and electronic signature (if uploaded into Onware)and inserts them into the document.  For audit purposes, the CSV file will record who completed the Sign-Off function. A Change Order can now be re-opened for Sign Off by selecting the “Re-Open for Sign-Off” Action from the Select an Action drop down list available on the Browse/Search page.  Selecting “Re-Open for Sign-Off” will return the Change Order to Issued state; whereas “Re-Open for Editing” returns the Change Order to Initiated state.

New Alert

Quotation [xx]: Issued for Review

In our effort to recognize each feature/document individually, in addition to accurately reflecting the workflow step required to be completed within an alert, we have removed the “PCN – Priced – Pricing Received” alert and created a new alert representing the Quotation. The Prime Consultant, upon selecting the new alert, is automatically directed to the quotation; allowing him/her to review quotation separately from the Change.  The Prime Consultant will still maintain the ability to access the Change from the Quotation and review it, as necessary.  When the Quotation is closed, the Prime Consultant is automatically directed to the Change – providing the ability to continue and/or complete the Change. The new alert will be generated for all new Quotations created in version 7.10.  Existing “PCN – Priced – Pricing Received” alerts will function as they did previous to version 7.10.

Thumbnails & Uploading Attachments

Uploading of attachments will now display the thumbnail view of the attachment.  As well, the ability to upload attachments throughout each stage of the workflow process has been incorporated into all areas of Onware, except Submittals/Transmittals and Documentation.

iPad Support

If your iPad/iPhone is running iOS6, Onware will now be able to upload pictures directly from the camera roll or from a newly taken picture.  The upload button, when selected, will ask whether you would like to take a new picture or choose one from the camera roll.  The picture selected is uploaded into Onware.

Details of 7.10 release


Unsolicited Change Requests

Issue: “Return to Issuer” did not match the status nor the alert that was generated when this workflow step was performed. Resolution: Button re-worded to “Re-quote requested” to match the status and alert.

Request For Information

Issue: Able to respond to an RFI from a discipline not requested within the RFI.  This can occur if someone is set with multiple disciplines in their Preferences. Resolution: Error message will appear “A response from your current discipline is not required. Please verify your current discipline and adjust as necessary”.

Supplemental Instruction

Issue: Prime Consultant unable to cancel an SI another Prime Consultant initiated. Resolution: Updated security access to allow any Prime Consultant to cancel an SI. Issue: Document numbering not dependent on the “Document to issue” type. Resolution: Updated document numbering to be generated once a “Document to issue” has been selected. Issue: SI can be issued without a “Document to issue” type selected. Resolution: “Document to issue” type now mandatory.

Consultant Recommendation

Issue: Issued document date displays the first date the CR was issued, not the last date CR was issued. Resolution: Updated document to display the last date the CR was issued, if necessary.

Site Visit

Issue: Time stamp was not showing in the users time zone. Resolution: Updated time stamp to display in the users time zone

Setting: “SI – Close Attached RFI when SI Issued”

Issue: Setting was not working. Resolution: Setting is now working as expected


Issue: Standard report does not display Initiated Changes Resolution: Fixed Standard report to display statuses requested in search