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Details of Onware release 7.10.8


Project Summary

Identified Issue: Links contained with the heading “Quotations directed to you” generated an “access denied” error Resolution: Fixed links

Performance Report

Identified Issue: Exporting to CSV does not filter by dates used in Performance Report search Resolution: Fixed export to use date filters (if applicable)

Progress Claim

Identified Issue: Attempting to delete a Progress Claim, with no email subscription emails sent regarding it, generates an error Resolution: Determined error was due to attachment not being deleted successfully.  Updated delete code. Identified Issue: Only able to re-open the most recent Progress Claim for editing.  If unable to delete the most recent Progress Claim (due to audit log requirements) cannot re-open previous Progress Claims for amendment. Resolution: Reviewed the process for re-opening Progress Claims.  The following has now been implemented:
  • Multiple Progress Claims can be re-opened
  • Progress Claims must be re-opened in order from most recent to previous which requires amendment. For example, if #3 is required to be amended, Progress Claim #5 must first be re-opened, then #4 and lastly #3
  • Initiated Progress Claims must be issued in sequence; there cannot be any initiated Progress Claims prior to the one about to be issued

Change E-mail Subscription

Identified Issue: Supplemental Instructions linked to the Change were not included in the list of documents sent in the Change E-mail Subscription email Resolution: Included Supplemental Instruction in the list of included documents.  Any attachments to the SI or if additional documents are linked within the SI, these will not be included in the Change E-mail Subscription email.

Request for Information

Identified Issue: Sub-Consultant is able to respond to RFI after it was Returned to Initiator Resolution: Fixed security access on RFI’s Identified Issue: Sub-Consultant is able to respond to RFI after it was Returned to Issuer Resolution: Removed “Returned to Issuer” status on RFI’s.  Updated all “Returned to Issuer” RFI’s to now read “Returned to Initiator” Identified Issue: When an RFI is re-opened for editing, the status changes to “Returned to Initiator” and does not allow the Prime Consultant or General Contractor to edit the RFI Resolution: Provided Prime Consultant ability to edit the Title and Number of the RFI when it is in “Returned to Initiator” access.  General Contractor will not be able to modify the RFI title or number when RFI is in “Returned to Initiator” status.

Which Version of Onware Should I Choose?

Onware is sold three ways:
  1. Hosted
  2. Stand-Alone Hosting Instance
  3. Enterprise Software License
To learn about what is included in each of these, please see our Pricing. Which model you adopt will depend on your Organization’s size and unique requirements. To help you decide, Onware has prepared the following table that highlights the differences between the three models.


Stand-Alone   Hosting Instance

Enterprise   Software License

Software Location

Microsoft Azure

Your Server



Can be Upgraded to Enterprise Software License

Software   Ownership

Monthly Rental

Perpetual License


Any computer with Internet access

Number of Users


Number of Projects

First 4 included, $50/month for additional


Software Updates

Included, managed by Onware

Software License Maintenance Agreement Required

New   Versions (i.e. Onware 8)

Included, managed by Onware

Upgrade Fee Applies

Server   Management

Microsoft Azure

Your IT Department

Need help deciding or more information? Contact Us, we are happy to help!

Details of 7.10.7 Release


Request for Information

Identified Issue: Return to Initiator allows General Contractor to edit responses Resolution: Fixed security access Identified Issue: When RFI is in initiated state, Sub-Consultant receives “Response” alert and has ability to enter a response Resolution: Fixed security access


Identified Issue: Unable to save Preferences if there is no e-mail address entered Resolution: Resolved the inability to have no e-mail address entered into Preferences


Identified Issue: “Delivered by fax” attendee option no longer available Resolution: Re-instated “delivered by fax” within drop down list

General Use

Identified Issue: After hitting “Save”, attempting to upload attachments fails Resolution: Corrected attachment ability