Monthly Archives: January 2015

8.7.0 Release


Request for Information

Identified Issue: Standard Report inconsistently identified which disciplines had responded incorrectly.

Standard Form

Certificate of Total Performance

Identified Issue: If General Contractor and/or Owner Companies were not identified in the Project, the form generated an error.

Site Visit

Identified Issue: Items, on printed form, were not displaying in numerical order.

8.6.0 Release


Standard Form

Identified Issue: Supplemental Instruction form does not display links to associated CRX documents.

Internet Browsers

Identified Issue: Google Chrome and Firefox do not respond when using the paste icon in the Rich Text Editor boxes.

Consultant Recommendation

Identified Issue: Saved search criteria doesn’t save the discipline selection. Identified Issue: Standard report’s document numbers are not sorted correctly.    

8.5.0 Release



Identified Issue: Choosing “Select” for a non active project doesn’t select that project in the Navigation Menu’s project drop down list. Identified Issue: The “select” link to access inactive projects displays inconsistently.


Identified Issue: When Onware or the Internet Browser session times out, users are directed to an “Active Directory” log in page instead of the Onware log in page.

Transmittal Stamp

Identified Issue: If “Action Take” text or “From” person name is long, it is cut off or cuts off other fields on the applied stamp. Identified Issue: If a PDF uploaded into an Onware Transmittal has specific rotation dimensions in its properties, the stamp was not applied to file.