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Require a Sub-Consultant to review a Progress Claim? Have them provide their Recommendation within Onware!

Onware has implemented the ability to request Sub-Consultant Recommendations on Progress Claims! Before a Progress Claim is Issued, the Prime Consultant can request any discipline identified on the project to review the Progress Claim details and amounts. A Sub-Consultant, of the requested discipline, will review the Progress Claim and issue their Recommendation – either Accepting or Requesting a revision of the Progress Claim. pc All Recommendations a Sub-Consultant initiates and/or issues can be viewed through the Navigation Menu, under the Project Administration category. recommendations Click on the link to see further details of the 8.9.0 release:

8.9.0 Release

New Functionality

Quotation Recommendations = OLD; Recommendations = NEW

Quotation Recommendations are now called “Recommendations”, and can be viewed and accessed from the Recommendations Search page, in the Project Administration category of the Navigation Menu. recommendations The Recommendation Search page displays all Recommendations throughout Onware – Quotations, Unsolicited Change Requests and Progress Claims. Previously issued Quotation Recommendations have been copied and converted into a Recommendation.  Quotation Recommendations initiated in version 8.9.0 will be created as a Recommendation. NOTE: E-mail Subscriptions for Quotation Recommendations are no longer applicable.  Please update E-mail Subscriptions accordingly.

Quotation – New Action “Close & Accept”

To facilitate Onware’s ability to identify which Quotation to include in E-mail Subscriptions, the software has been updated to include a new action, “Close & Accept” button, when reviewing a Quotation. Selecting this action will close the Quotation, and flag the quotation as Accepted.  Only one Quotation can be classified as Accepted on each Change.

Unsolicited Change Request

When reviewing a UCR, if the “Close & Create Change” and “Create a New Quotation” option is selected, Onware will now link all the UCR Recommendations onto the newly created Quotation automatically.  The  Recommendations will be linked to both the UCR and the newly created Quotation.

E-mail Subscriptions

Change Order

The list of documents Onware combines for a Change Order in the status of “Issued” E-mail Subscription has been updated to include the Recommendations on the accepted Quotation.  Only the accepted Quotation will be included in the list of documents, even if the Change includes multiple Quotations.


The E-mail Subscription for a Change in the status of “Priced” has been amended to NOT include the issued Quotation.  If an e-mail is required, we recommend updating E-mail Subscriptions to include a Quotation in the status of “Issued”, and the removal of any E-mail Subscriptions for Change in the status of “Priced”.

Quotation Recommendation

With the implementation of Recommendations, Quotation Recommendations E-mail Subscriptions are no longer applicable.

Submittal Search page

We have updated the Submittal Search page to allow the “Last Recipient” column, on the Search table, to be sortable. Click the link below to learn about Request Recommendations on a Progress Claim, available in version 8.9.0:



Identified Issue: Submittal Person Responsible overdue alert is not removed from Main Menu/Alert List when the Submittal is closed.

Performance Report

Identified Issue: Using the Date filter to filter search results generates an error.


Identified Issue: Unable to delete a line item from a rejected timesheet.


Identified Issue: When a large volume of e-mail data is sent to an e-mail server, if the e-mail server takes a considerable amount of time to process the data, Onware may believe the the data did not transfer due to timing out; however, the data may have been accepted by the e-mail server.  As such, the e-mail is queued to send again at the next interval. Resolution: Increased the time out period for Onware to transfer the e-mail data to the e-mail server.

Onware announces launch of Connected Construction Management Software built on Microsoft Azure

For Immediate Release Contact: Onware Inc. 780-488-9273

Onware announces launch of Connected Construction Management Software built on Microsoft Azure

March 9, 2015 Edmonton, Alberta: Fraser Gallop, CEO of Onware Inc., today announced the general availability of Onware Version 8, an integrated end-to-end SaaS platform for construction management. In recent years, the demand for connected construction management tools for coordinating project documents and communications has been on the rise among architects and contractors. Onware 8 provides a comprehensive set of tools to address these needs. “Onware takes the unique position of connecting all project participants on the same platform. We now provide tools for everyone on the job from sub-trades and consultants to the general contractor and architect, and include approvals and comprehensive reporting for the owner.” Fraser Gallop explained. “With Azure, Onware is now available for projects with no setup costs—and can be activated instantly. We choose Azure Cloud Services for the managed environment and 99.95% uptime guarantee.” Onware is currently in use by firms across Canada on a variety of building projects. DIALOG, a national interdisciplinary design firm, has been using Onware for a decade and was a collaborator during development of the original Onware platform. Their many high-profile projects using Onware include Kaye Edmonton Clinic and Calgary International Airport. “We focus on complex design challenges and Onware is an essential tool for managing that complexity,” says Jeff DiBattista, Practice Principal at DIALOG. “To date, we have tracked over 1 million construction documents using Onware. It’s helped us to reduce turnaround times on requests for information and shop drawings. Onware also gives our principals the reporting to be able to monitor status of outstanding items, and our Contract Administrators have the day-to-day tools they need to keep on top of their projects.” “In a cloud-first, mobile-first world, solutions like Onware built on Azure can bring real-time information to the construction site.” said Vibhor Kapoor, Director, Microsoft Azure Product Marketing. “With the enterprise grade cloud platform that Azure provides, companies such as Onware have the ability to focus on improving their product instead of dealing with infrastructure issues.” New features available in Onware are now in use on projects across Canada. Clark Builders, one of the 10 largest contractors in Canada, recently adopted Onware for helping to manage sub-trades and produce quotations. “Clark Builders’ initial experience with Onware has been very positive,” said Paul Verhesen, President. “We were able to trial Onware in the cloud before we made our decision to adopt it on a larger scale.” In the coming months Onware will tour Canada, with presentations in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto to showcase new features and business analytics abilities.

About Onware

Onware is connected construction management software for architects, general contractors and project owners. Using Onware, customers can streamline project communications and reduce turnaround time on project documents. Detailed real-time information is available to all project stakeholders with built-in auditing and accountability. For further information contact: Fraser Gallop 780-488-9273 The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.