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8.11.0 Release

8.11.0 Release


Progress Claim

Standard Form

Identified Issue: When the claim amount exceeded a Million dollars, the wording for  the amount was not wording the amount correctly.

Site Visit

Identified Issue: Dragging and dropping photos into a Site Visit Item does not attach photo to the item; attaches to the Site Visit document. Identified Issue: If Onware is used with Windows 7.1 and Internet Explorer, the Site Visit item pop up box does not display correctly. Identified Issue: Items without a Room identified were not being copied automatically into a new Site Visit when the “Copy Outstanding Items” setting is turned on.


Identified Issue: If Onware is used with Windows 7.1 and Internet Explorer, the Meeting Minute item pop up does not not display correctly.


Identified Issue: Not able to enter an integer number in a Rate.

Unsolicited Change Request

Identified Issue: Attempting to Issue a UCR with a duplicate document number generated the incorrect error.

Supplemental Instruction

Identified Issue: Searching by discipline and generating the Standard report generates an error.

8.10.1 Release

New Functionality

Standard Form

Onware has update all Standard forms to ensure consistent font.  The font Onware uses in the Standard forms is Veranda 9 pt.


The “Time Change (Days)” days field is now mandatory and must be completed before the CRX can be Submitted.



Identified Issue: If a CRX is linked to a Quotation, selecting the “Edit” button to access the Quotation generates error.

Change Request

Identified Issue: If a project participant is set up as both a Owner and Prime Consultant Roles, attempting to approve a Change Request generates an error.

Site Visit

Identified Issue: Unable to delete an Initiated Site Visit.


Identified Issue: Attempting to run a Statistics report generates error.

Request For Information

Identified Issue: If project participants were assigned Role access at the project level, they are unable to see the RFI Standard Report links.


Identified Issue: When editing a project from the Project Search/Browse page, attempting to adjust the contract value generates an error.

File List

Onware introduces the File List!

An easy way to create a file folder hierarchy, upload and store files specific to the project.  Documents uploaded into the File List can also be attached to any Onware document (Cover Letter, Change, RFI, etc.). file

Create a File Template to be automatically copied into newly created Projectsfolder

If your organization has a default file folder hierarchy typically used on projects, the same hierarchy can be created in Onware (by an Onware Administrator).

Onware Administrators can create a Folder Template, through Onware Tools, which is automatically copied into each newly created project.  Once copied into the project, the file folder tree can be added to or amended as required by that particular project.

Where is the File List and who has access to it?

The File List and its folder structure can be accessed by any project participant through the Navigation Menu, under the Project Administration category.

Who can Add documents to the File List?

Any General Contractor or Prime Consultant can add files to the File List.  Once a File is added, access to that file, can be also restricted within the File List.

Limiting Access

Documents uploaded directly to the file list can have access permissions set to it so only certain Roles/Trades/Disciplines can access the document from the File List.  Limiting access will only apply to the access within the File List, not when attached to a document. access

Watch a particular File List file or folderwatch

Selecting the “Watch this folder” or “Watch this File” button indicates to Onware you want to receive an email when a change has occurred to that File or Folder.

File List documents can be added to any Onware document

Next to the upload button of an Onware document (Cover Letter, Change, RFI, etc.), a “Browse File List” button is available.  Selecting this button will allow the person to access the documents within the File List, and attach any visible document to the Onware document itself. browse

Additional information:

  • File list will also show upload and download history of the file, as well as who is watching the file (for audit and troubleshooting purposes).
  • Files  can be archived, moved to a different folder, or sent via Cover Letter, quickly by using the Select an Action drop down button.

8.10.0 Release

New Functionality

Standard Form

Meeting Minutes

We have updated the Meeting Minutes standard form to display the due dates for the items.


Cover Letter

Identified Issue: If no person is selected, selecting the “Issue without E-mail Notification” button generates error.


Identified Issue: Percentage boxes do not allow decimal places or more than 3 integers.

Supplemental Instruction

Identified Issue: Selecting the Acknowledge alert, if there are linked documents associated to the SI, General Contractor does not have a “view” link to be able to review the documents.