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8.19.1 Release

8.19.1 Release


Active Items

  • Scheduled Active Items reports were not sending via email

Performance Report

  • Scheduled Performance Reports were not send via email

Cover Letter

  • Unable to attach a Submittal
  • Unable to attach a Transmittal
  • Unable to attach a Meeting

Customize Access Meeting Types

Need to Customize Access for certain Meeting Types in a project?  Now you Can!

Onware Administrators have the ability to customize Access to various Meeting Types in just a few clicks! To access this new functionality, follow the steps below:
  1. MeetingToolsFrom the Meetings Browse/Search page, located in the Quality control category of the Navigation Menu, select the “Configure Meeting Types” link. NOTE: Configure Meeting Types link will only display for a Project Participant with Onware Administrator access.
  2. Select Copy 2015-12-04_9-49-37 to copy the existing global (Meeting Types available for all projects on the Onware site) Meeting Types into the Project.
  3. Once copied, you can:
    1. Add a new Meeting Type and assign access, OR
    2. Edit an existing Meeting Type and its corresponding access.
To Add a new Meeting Type and assign access
  1. EditMeetingTypeFrom the Configure Meeting Types page, Select “Add”   AddButton  .
  2. Enter a Title for the Meeting Type.
  3. Select which Role(s) require access to the Meeting document. NOTE: Access defaults to “Everyone” unless specified.
  4. Select Save from the Top Toolbar.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each new Meeting Type and access required.
To Edit an existing Meeting Type Title or Access
  1. 2015-12-04_9-53-17From the Configure Meeting Types page, select Edit next to the Meeting Type which needs amendment.
  2. Adjust the Title as required, if necessary.
  3. Adjust the Access as required, if necessary.
  4. Select Save from the Top Toolbar.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each existing Meeting type which requires amending.

Things to Consider

Project Participants will be able to view Meetings if the following criteria are met:
  • They are included as a Participant of the Meeting
  • They are the initiator (creator) of the Meeting
  • They issued the Meeting
  • They are a project participant in a Role that has access to that Meeting Type
Click here to learn more about the 8.19.0 release.

8.19.0 Release

8.19.0 Release

New Functionality

Click here to learn more about the Meeting Minute enhancements.


Project Browse/Search

The Project Browse/Search page is now sorted by project number.

Site Visit and Construction Diary

Onware weather data can be manually entered and automatically retrieved for the Project Location (as set in the Project setup) or the current location of the person logged into Onware.


If a Transmittal is cancelled, the last recipient column on the Submittal Browse/Search page will update to the previous Transmittals last recipient.

Progress Claim

To accurately reflect where the data is derived from, we have updated the word on the Progress Claim Search page from “Amount Claimed” to “Total Completed to Date”.

Quotation – Time Impact field

Onware has added a time impact field to Quotations.  In the instance where a Quotation is derived from a CRX, the Time impact value from the CRX will automatically populate into the Quotation time impact field. When the Prime Consultant Accepts & Closes the Quotation, the Quotation’s time impact value will automatically populate into the Change Time impact field.


Cover Letter

Identified Issue: Project participant is able to select any Onware document for attachment. Identified Issue: Only the Prime Consultant is set to re-open issued Cover Letters for editing.

Standard Template

Identified Issue: The E-mail subscription PDF of Meeting Minutes may not include all pages. Identified Issue: When re-issuing an RFI to selected disciplines, the return address/company logo on the standard form does not retain the original issuing project participant, typically the General Contractor. Identified Issue: The Unsolicited Change Request Standard form does not display the linked Change.

Performance Report

Identified Issue: PDF print preview button only displays the default report and not the customized search criteria selected.


Identified Issue: Deleting a newly created Project generates an error.

Project Export Tool

Identified Issue: Export progress bar indicates export is complete however no files are exported to the destination folder.


Identified Issue: Change Directive – Additional Reviewed By Signature Lines setting is no longer applicable and has been removed.

Site Visit

Identified Issue: When the “Weather from Project Location” button is selected, and the Weather data does not recognize the project postal code, an error is generated.


Identified Issue: When attempting to stamp on all pages, the stamp is only applied to the first page. Identified Issue: Placement of stamp and tags do not display in the correct location of a PDF when the PDF document has different page sizes or different page rotations.

Supplemental Instructions

Identified Issue: Selecting the Export CSV link does not generate a CSV file.

Time Sheet

Identified Issue: Resource Loading report generates an error when the field is blank (implying all people) in the search.