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8.22.0 Release

8.22.0 Release


Construction Diary The section previously titled Tasks has been renamed to Trades. Standard Form – Program Clarification Request Removed wording “Description” from the Question and Response sections due to redundancy.


Construction Diary When copying a Construction Diary, the Task section did not copy into the new Construction Dairy. E-mail Link to Download All Attachments as a ZIP file generates error. Meeting CSV Report on the Meeting Search page generates an error. When creating a new user from within a Meeting, the associated company field did not generate any results. Creating or editing a Global Task Type generates an error. When a subsequent meeting is created with identical meeting item types, the meeting item numbering of identical types to the previous meetings did not restart at 000001. The item type numbering is dependent on the number of items in that meeting rather than the number of items across all meetings of the same type. Program Clarification Request When the Program Clarification Request numbering is manually entered, Onware did not validate if the existing Program Clarification Request number was already in use. Deleting a Program Clarification Request generates an error. Progress Claim With the new functionality introduced in Onware version 8.21.0 to manually adjust the tax amounts in a Progress Claim, previously issued Progress Claim tax was not displaying. Quotation When entering a quotation on behalf of the Contractor, the Issued by field did not generate any results.