Monthly Archives: September 2016

8.27.0 Release



The descriptive text on the “CRX Due On” field has been updated to “Required By” for clarity.  Furthermore, it now displays on the CRX for the Sub-Contractor’s review when providing pricing. BLOG 8.27.0 image 1


The Transmittal list, as displayed when editing a Submittal, is now sortable by Number, From, To, Action Taken or Date. Blog 8.27.0 image 2


The “Limit Access to Selected User/Groups” selection in a Documentation is now included in the Excel/CSV report information. BLOG 8.27.0 image 3



Issue Identified: When the search results, on the Meeting search page, are refined by Meeting Type, the total records found is incorrect and Onware does not provide the ability to select a different page to view additional search results.

Consultant Recommendation

Issue Identified: The “Issued By” column on the Consultant Recommendation search page did not display any information.

Consultant Recommendation Standard Report

Issue Identified: The “Issued On” and “Issued By” columns in the Consultant Recommendation standard report did not display any information.


Identified Issue: When a project participant’s Role access was defined within the project, they were unable to access the Recommendation search page.

Submittal Stamping

Identified Issue: The Stamp “Successfully Added” banner displaying and automatically removing after a designated amount of time could impact cursor placement on the thumbnail image.


Identified Issue: The CRX’s “Total Labour + Materials/Equipment/Transport + Sub-contractor” dollar value calculation did not update when the Profit or Overhead percentage field values were adjusted.


Identified Issue: The Change CSV report did not generate based on the selected search criteria.