Monthly Archives: April 2017

9.4.0 Release



Any Submittals e-mails from Onware now include the last action completed on the Submittal in the subject line.



Identified Issue: The error message displayed when an upload fails does not identify the reason for the failure.

Change Directive

Identified Issue: Change Directives that have not completed the pricing workflow can be associated with a Change Order.


Identified Issue: Comments do not indicate they may have restricted access.

Consultant Recommendation

Identified Issue: The All Consultant Recommendations Received alert is not generated when all requested Consultant Recommendations are Issued.


Identified Issue: Error generated when saving a task as a new task.

Meeting Standard Form

Identified Issue: Items without a type selected are not displayed.

Request for Information

Identified Issue: If an RFI is re-issued to additional disciplines, waiting response alerts are not cleared when a response is provided.

Site Visit

Identified Issue: Error generated when importing an item.


Identified Issue: Submittal Envelope comments are not displayed when reviewing the Submittal. Identified Issue: Unable to save a Submittal Envelope that does not have a date selected. Identified Issue: Removing multiple users from the Carbon Copy (CC) To section generates an error.

Submittal Stamping

Identified Issue: Stamp populates current users name, instead of user entered in ‘From:’ field. Identified Issue: The document preview displayed when stamping a 11 x 17 page size is distorted.

Supplemental Instruction

Identified Issue: The user guide link on the Supplemental Instruction search page generates an error.  

9.3.0 Release



Identified Issue: Change may error if it is linked to an Unsolicited Change Request that does not have a title.

Change Directive

Identified Issue: Change Directive e-mail subscription does not include linked Change PDF. Identified Issue: Creating a Change Order from a Change Directive does not include the Change Directive value in the Change Order value. Identified Issue: The Issuers logo is not displayed on the Change Directive printed document.

Change Order

Identified Issue: The last quotation column in the Associated Changes section may not display the Quotation that is marked as final.

Change Request

Identified Issue: Contractors can access Change Requests.


Identified Issue: Comments do not indicate they do not appear on printed documents.


Identified Issue: E-mail subscriptions are not generating.

Progress Claim

Identified Issue: The Progress Claim Associated Change Order section may generate an error. Identified Issue: Contractor receives an error when deleting an initiated Progress Claim.

Project Summary

Identified Issue: The Request for Information Waiting For and Responded columns are switched. Identified Issue: The Request for Information age calculation is reset when an RFI is Issued to additional disciplines.

Site Visit

Identified Issue: An error is generated when copying a Site Visit.

Submittal Standard Report

Identified Issue: Submittal details are repeated for each Submittal History item.

Supplemental Instruction

Identified Issue: Supplemental Instruction e-mail subscription does not include Consultant Recommendations linked in the Linked Document section.

Unsolicited Change Request

Identified Issue: If a Change is linked to two Unsolicited Change Requests, the Change cannot be reopened or actioned.