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9.8.2 Fixes

9.8.2 Fixes


Identified Issue: The Setting, called “Require Reporting” was removed in a previous update, resulting in the User or Group field being a mandatory field.


Identified Issue: When a User on a project, did not have a first or last name saved in their User account, the Submittal History “to” field did not populate results.

Unsolicited Change Request

Identified Issue: Unable to delete an initiated UCR using the Delete link or the Delete option from the “Select an Action” drop down list.

File List

Identified Issue: An error message did not display advising the File could not be deleted.

9.8.0 New Functionality


Have you ever stepped away from working in Onware, and upon returning, did not recall which document you were working on? No more!  Introducing fixed Document number and titles! For most Onware documents, when the document number and title are populated, Onware will display these details in the colored header bar.  Regardless of where you scroll in the document, you will always know which document you are working on!

Progress Claim

  1. Re-worded “re-open for editing” to “Re-open for issue”.  Using this functionality will return the Progress Claim from its current status to the Submitted status.
  2. When a Progress Claim is cancelled, Onware will automatically clear the “Period To” date.
  3. When a Contract Administrator creates a Progress Claim on behalf of the General Contractor, they are required to populate the name and date the General Contractor submitted the Progress Claim to them.
  4. New Status called Returned.  When a Progress Claims is returned to the General Contractor by the Contract Administrator, the status will denote “Returned”.  An E-mail Subscription can also be configured for this status.

Request for Information

Search criteria now includes ability to search for issued on and closed on dates.

Subcontractor Request for Information

Identified Issue: Issued on and Issued by fields are now mandatory fields.


When entering a name in the “To” field of a Submittal History item, you can now search via their first name, last name, company or Discipline.

9.8.0 Fixes

9.8.0 Fixes

Project Summary

Identified Issue: Submittals were not sorting in order of the document number.


Identified Issue: When using Impersonate, user is to clear the “Work on behalf of ” function.


Identified Issue: When reviewing a Recommendation from its Review page, Consultant comments were displaying with HTML text.