Monthly Archives: March 2018

9.10.0 Fixes and Enhancements


Progress Claims

  • Added the “Period to” date to display on the Progress Claim search table


Clarification Request

  • Unable to create a project specific disclaimer
  • Unable to view previously issued Clarification Requests

Unsolicited Change Request

  • Cancelling a UCR did not remove Action Item from Home Screen

Request for Information

  • Issued date was updated when a new question was issued
  • Suggestion field was required to issue question or response

9.9.1 Fixes

9.9.1 Fixes

Progress Claim

  • The option for “Re-open for issue” was not available within the “Select an option” drop down list

Request for Information

  • The Suggestion text box was required to be completed for Issuance or Questions and/or Responses, for projects which had this setting disabled