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9.15.0 New Functionality, Enhancements and Fixes

New Functionality

New Settings

“Require Code” and “Require Internal Code”

These settings, when enabled, enforce the “Code” and/or the “Internal Code” drop down fields within a Change to be mandatory prior to Action.  These setting can be configured globally or on a per project basis.


  • Change Discipline field will no longer auto-populate based on the Contract Administrators discipline
  • Project Summary now displays aging for Changes in the status of “Requesting”.  Aging is calculated difference between today’s date and the date the Change was initiated
  • Meeting “Flag as” drop down list wording has been updated:
    • Deactivated > Cancelled
    • Default > Proposed
  • Submittal History “Action Taken” down down field is now a mandatory field and must be completed prior to issuing
  • Contract Administrators can now edit any other Contract Administrator’s initiated Supplemental Instruction’s


  • When a Change Directive is initiated from within a Change, on a project that has one contract, the Change Directive numbering skips
  • Attachments with capitalized file extensions caused errors when uploaded
  • Users were unable to access Action Item Search page without a project selected
  • Quotation did not have ability to Link Documents
  • Request for Information printed form displayed the Contract Administrators company logo and return address when the RFI was initiated on behalf of the General Contractor Project Manager
  • If a user is set up to receive an E-mail Subscription for a Submittal status, and the same user was sent a Submittal History to action, they received two emails for the same Submittal
  • Task Action Items were triggered every time the Task was saved
  • Disciplines of Read Only Consultants were displaying as options when requesting a Recommendations or Consultant Recommendations
  • Disciplines of inactive Consultant project participants were displaying as options when requesting a Recommendation or Consultant Recommendation
  • When a Quotation was created from an Unsolicited Change Request, the Quotation issued date displayed as the UCR’s closed date.  This has been updated so the Quotation issued date reflects the UCR’s issued date

9.14.0 New Functionality,Enhancements and Fixes

New Functionality

Bluebeam Integration

Create Studio sessions, notify reviewers to join the session to mark up the drawings, and retrieve the final document – all without leaving Onware! Connecting your Bluebeam Studio account within Onware will allow you to start a Bluebeam Studio Sessions directly within a Submittal History.  Selecting “Join Session” when reviewing the Submttal, opens the reviewer’s installed Bluebeam  application.  Once logged into Bluebeam, the session and drawings are available for the reviewer to markup.  When the drawing reviews have been completed,  “Finalize Session” to have Onware retrieve the marked up drawing from Bluebeam and attach to the Submittal History.

Request Help

Do you have a question or issue in Onware?  You can now submit a Request Help ticket directly from within Onware!  Upon completion of the form, your request will automatically notify our Client Services Help Desk of your request.


  • Added Time Impact field to a Quotation when entered on behalf of the Contractor
  • Consultants were unable to provide Recommendations on an Unsolicited Change Request simultaneously.
  • Initiated and Marked as Deleted RFI were required to be issued prior to  returning to the General Contractor Project Manager