9.16 Release Enhancements and Fixes

9.16 Enhancements and Fixes


  • Error received when using the “Download as a Zip” link in an Onware e-mail
  • Error received when using the “Create Change Order” from a Change Directive on project’s with one contract
  • Selecting an option from the “Select an action” drop down from the Contact section of editing a Company generated an error
  • When a new form was created from an existing one, the new form did not show in the project’s Configure Printed Forms list
  • Package and/or Audit options did not display on the Progress Claim search page
  • Corrected spelling of “forty” on the Progress Claim printed form
  • Error when Contract Administrator selected Progress Claim Recommendation request Action Item
  • When a Project or Software Administrator does not have a project selected and attempted to remove a User from a Project, an error was encountered
  • Request for Information search page “Responded” column displayed Disciplines who’s responses had been “Marked as deleted”
  • Corrected status transition when a Request for Substitution is transitioned to Returned or Not Accepted
  • Updated security on below settings to allow Project and Software Administrators to adjust¬† as required
    • Anonymous E-mail Attachment Download
    • Maximum E-mail Size settings
  • Updated access to allow all project Roles to view Transmittals
  • Transmittals can now be referenced in a document’s “Linked Documents”
  • Error received when selecting delete on an initiated Unsolicited Change Request


  • The Type of Recommendation (Progress Claim, Quotation, Unsolicited Change Request, Request for Substitution) is now included in the title of the Recommendation document
  • Removed read-only access to the General section of a Change Directive
  • Reason for Re-quote will always display on Quotation standard printed form
  • Site Visit standard form’s “Date of Site Visit” now displays issuer’s timezone
  • When a project has one contract, the Contract is automatically set when a new Supplemental Instruction is created
  • Active users are now displayed in the Project Hub’s Users on this Project listing
  • When the action of “Close & Create Change” is used on an Unsolicited Change Request, and a Quotation has been created automatically, the created Change will inherit the status of Priced and the date documented for the priced date of the Change is documented as the Unsolicited Change Request’s Issued date
  • The list of documents included in the Progress Claim E-mail Subscription has been updated to include the associated Recommendation’s attachments
  • Updated all Quotation edit pages to display the link to its associated Change
  • Tableau workbook drop down list is now sorted in alphabetical order
  • Implemented Copy functionality within the “Select an Action” drop down list on the Transmittal search page
  • The list of documents included in an Unsolicited Change Request E-mail Subscription has been amended to include the associated Recommendation and the Recommendation’s attachments
  • Additional spaces before or after an e-mail address typed in the E-mail address fields of a User’s account will automatically be removed
  • Implemented ability to disassociate an Unsolicited Change Request from Change
  • Submittals
    • General Contractor Project Managers is not be able to edit a Submittals in the status of Issued
    • The Submittal standard form now includes the sender and recipients Company name
    • All General Contractor Project Managers will receive an Action Item when a Submittal is Returned