Monthly Archives: January 2019

9.16.2 Fixes

  • Selecting “New Question/Revision” action button on a returned RFI generates an error when previous revision of RFI did not have a Contract selected
  • When custom numbering is used for Unsolicited Change Requests, selecting “New” generates an error
  • Unable to view or PDF Site Visit when the “Date of Site Visit” field is not selected

9.16.1 Fixes

  • When using Firefox, Contract Administrator was unable to type in the Request for Information response pop up box
  • Meeting Participant list status drop down selection did not save
  • Meeting Item inline editing did not display all formatting options
  • Meeting Item inline editing of description did not display saved text changes
  • Corrected formatting of Recipient list on Transmittal standard form
  • Corrected error on Request for Substitution standard form which occurred when the “Change in contract price” field is populated but the “Change in contract time” field is not populated