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9.17.0 Enhancements and Fixes

9.17.0 Enhancements and Fixes


  • New Text box controls!
    • Use the “Tab” key to navigate from one Text box to another, or when working within a table, use the “Tab” key to navigate from cell to cell
  • Request for Information
    • Implemented ability to cancel an RFI when it is the status of “Waiting Response” and “Responded”
    • Responses are no longer visible to project participants in the role of General Contractor Project Manager when the RFI is viewed in Onware and its in the status of “Waiting Response” or “Responded”
  • Submittal
    • “Next Step” drop down list of History records has been replaced with a more mobile friendly layout, including a Forward button
  • Change Directive
    • Contract Administrators can now edit a Change Directive linked to a Change
    • Additional details of Quotations associated with a Change Directive are now included when viewing the Quotation from within the Change Directive
    • Contract Administrator Project Summary has been updated to include displaying Change Directives in the status of Acknowledged
    • Quotations can now be re-opened directly from within the Change Directive
    • New Workflow step – Close
        • Contract Administrators will receive an Action Item upon Acknowledgement of the Change Directive.  Selecting the Action Item will allow Contract Administrators the ability to Close the Change Directive
  • Change Order
    • Updated the “Associated Change Directive” section to only display Change Directives when they meet specific criteria:
      • Project must have Setting called “Automate Pricing” turned on
      • Change Directives must be in the status of Closed
    • The Value of the Change Directive, as it displays in a Change Order, refers to the “Total Value” field of the Change Directive
    • Adding a Change Directive to a Change Order will add the “Total Value” amount from the Change Directive
  • Progress Claim
    • Included the “Remarks” text into the General section of the Progress Claim for Consultants review
  • Contract type drop down field now defaults to “Select an option” and is a mandatory field
  • Updated below Search pages to adjust the order of the “Waiting for” and “Responded” columns:
    • Progress Claim
    • Quotation
  • Quotation
    • Updated the documents included in the E-mail Subscription to include the Recommendation PDF and the Recommendation’s attachments associated with the Quotation
    • Updated Search page to include filter for searching based on “Final” Quotation
  • Request for Substitution
    • Implemented “Waiting for” and “Responded” columns on the Search page
    • Included RFS documents on the Contract Administrator’s Project Summary
    • Added a new field called “Due date”


  • Site Visit “Get Weather” no longer errors
  • Change field “Requested by” no longer updates to the Contract Administrator who selects the ‘Request Consultant Recommendations” action button
  • Errors when trying to upload or download attachments
  • Firefox only: Text entered into a Rich Text Editor box no longer displays after save
  • Failed E-mail Action items are removed when E-mail is cancelled or re-queued
  • Incorrect discipline list was displaying when a Project Administrator was editing a project from the Project Directory and had a different project already selected from the Home screen
  • Inability to create RFI revision when the selected contract did not have a title
  • Inability for Contract Administrator to edit a Supplemental Instruction in the status of Returned
  • Contract Administrator’s Project Summary Submittal displays aging
  • Corrected spelling of “Preferences” within the text of a Submittal