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9.18.0 Enhancements and Fixes

9.18.0 Enhancements and Fixes


  • Change Directive
    • Users now have the option to download the PDF package of the document
  • Request for Information
    • Consultants can now view their initiated response from  print preview on edit page prior to issuance
  •  Meeting
    • Allows users to stay in their current page when editing the meeting minutes
  • Site Visit
    • Site Visit Search Page and Site Visit Report now include Site Visit Date
  • Progress Claim
    • Users now have the ability to sort by column, for example sort by Change Order, under Associated Change Orders section in Progress Claim.


  • Stamp’s disclaimer does not display in full
  • RFI email subscription used incorrect PDF version in email
  • Project Summary now displays aging for new Submittals or newly created Submittal histories.
NOTE: Aging will not be back-dated for previous Submittals.