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9.7.0 Fixes



Identified Issue: Two documents could be created with the same number. Identified Issue: Strikethrough text typed in the Rich Text Editor did not display as strikethrough on the printed form. Identified Issue: Strikethrough text did not display on printed forms.

Change Order

Identified Issue: Cancelling a Change Order did not remove Action Items from user’s Action Item list. Identified Issue: Document to issue selected was not displayed when acknowledging, approving, or viewing the Change Orders in the standard report.

Unsolicited Change Request

Identified Issue: Contract Administrator did not have access to create their Discipline’s Recommendation.


Identified Issue: Disclaimer did not appear on Standard form.

Change Directive

Identified Issue: When closing a Change Directive, linked RFI’s did not display, leading user to believe there was no linked RFI.

Subcontractor Quotation

Identified Issue: Unable to link to a Subcontractor Quotation.

Progress Claim

Identified Issue: If a Progress Claim utilized the same “Period to” of a cancelled claim, it was unable to be issued or re-opened unless the cancelled claim was amended. Identified Issue: Updated the information presented in the Progress Claim CSV file to include approved, initiated, issued and requesting information.

Supplemental Instruction

Identified Issue: When reviewing a Consultant Recommendation, if the “Close and Create SI” action button was used, the Consultant Recommendation could not be removed/unlinked from the Supplemental Instruction. Identified Issue: When reviewing a Consultant Recommendation, if the “Close and Create SI” action button was used, the Consultant Recommendation link did not display on the printed form.


Identified Issue: Multiple e-mails were generated when a Submittal is submitted. Identified Issue: When a revision is created, the last action column on the Submittal Search screen is populated with the last action from the previous revision.


Identified Issue: Unable to re-open a task. Click here to learn more about the enhancements available in version 9.7.0. Click here to learn more about the new functionality available in version 9.7.0.

9.7.0 New Functionality

New functionality

Change Directive

Setting “Automate Pricing”

Although there are two different workflows possible for a Change Directive, through investigation we determined only one workflow process is ever utilized on a project.  As such, in version 9.7.0 we have created two distinct workflows for Change Directives.

When a new project is created, the project will default to using the CCDC version of a Change Directive workflow, where the Change Directive is utilized to direct a change in work, within the general scope of the contract, without a formal cost supplied.

Default Workflow for new projects:

If your project uses Change Directives to modify the contract scope with additional work, potentially impacting the contract value and/or time, enable to “Automate Pricing” setting to alter the workflow accordingly.  This setting can be configured from the Settings icon .

Please see the Onware User Guide for more information on how to adjust settings.

Change Directive with “Automate Pricing” setting workflow:

Multiple approvals

Do you require more than one Owner to review and approve a Change Directive?  Use the “Change Directive Approval” setting.

When multiple Owners are configured in the Change Directive Approval setting, Onware adjusts the approval workflow process, sending an action item to the first Owner listed in the Approval setting.  Once the first Onware has approved the Change Directive, the second Owner will receive an action item for their review and approval of the Change Directive.  The actions will continue to be sent to the Owners in the hierarchy defined within the Approval setting, until all Owners have reviewed and approved the Change Directive.  Once all required Owners have approved the Change Directive, the status of the Change Directive will display as Approved.

This setting is configured within Settings, and can be accessed by selecting the Settings icon .

Progress Claim

Does a Progress Claim require revision and resubmission from the General Contractor Project Manager?  This is now possible in Onware version 9.7.0.

Selecting the “Return” button will send an Action Item to the General Contractor Project Manager, where they can either cancel the Progress Claim, or create a revision of the Progress Claim to submit.

Onware tracks the revisions to the Progress Claim on the Search page, in the Standard Report, as well as when the Contract Administrator can review the Progress Claim.

In addition to the revision functionality, version 9.7.0 also includes the ability to have Onware automatically update the contract value by the push of a button. Just like Change Orders, Progress Claims will now display the Original Contract Value and included the “Update to current value” button.

Search – Document or title search across all project documents

Have you ever had the need to find a document with the word “pipe” in the title, but for the life of you, cannot remember which type of document it was?  Use Onware’s new function, Search, to find your document!

On the Home screen, with your project selected, the Search field displays.  This field will search the document number and title of documents across the project which you have access to.  To view the printed version of the document, simply select it from the returned results.  That’s it!

Request for Substitution

A Substitution request during the Construction phase of a project, can now be created and tracked within Onware.  The General Contractor Project Manager can create and issue a Request for Substitution (RFS) document, from the Construction menu, detailing the substitution information, for review by the Contract Administrator.  Upon review, the Contract Administrator can:

  1. Return – For use when errors with the original submission are found
  2. Not Accepted – For use when the proposed Substitution is not accepted
  3. Request Recommendations – For use when Consultant input is required prior to Substitution being deemed acceptable/not acceptable
  4. Close – For use when no further action required
  5. Close & Create Change – For use when the RFS proceeds to a scope change and a Change document is required

For more information on the Request for Substitution feature, or detailed step-by-step instructions, please see our Userguide

Click here to learn more about the enhancements available in version 9.7.0.
Click here to see all fixes available in version 9.7.0.

9.7.0 Enhancements

Rich Text Editor typing boxes

Does the font of what you typed or copied into Onware not match the printed forms look and feel? You can now edit the font and size of your text within the text boxes using the font and size drop down fields found within the Rich Text Editor.

NOTE: If you are copying text from another program into Onware, Onware’s rich text editor will not display which is the font or size of the copied text, but will state “inherited font” – meaning it is inheriting the font style and size from that which was copied.


E-mail Subscription

The list of documents included in the Change E-mail Subscription now includes the linked Change Request PDF and its attachments.

Subcontractor documents

All Subcontractor documents are now found under their own Navigation menu, called Subcontractor.

CRX (Version 8) = Issue (Version 9.0) = Quotation Worksheet (Version 9.7.0)

We have renamed the feature “Issue” to “Quotation Worksheet” to better align with the industry wording and reduce the confusion of the feature “Issue” with a document’s status of “issued”

Submittal attachment version

When stamp or markup are added to an existing Submittal’s PDF attachment, a new version of the attachment is created to document the adjustment to the attachments history.  When the attachment is viewed, or is included within an E-mail, it displays the most recent version of the attachment.  There was no easy way to view previous versions of the attachments – until NOW!

In 9.7.0 the attachment link will display the version of the attachment at the time the Submittal History was issued.  Also, the attachment within the E-mail, and the ZIP file download, will also display the version of the attachment at the time the Submittal History was issued. NOTE: Versioning can only be applied to attachments uploaded into Onware after the 9.7.0 release.

Consultant Recommendation

Onware will now display the “last issued on” date of a Consultant Recommendation, if applicable, in addition to its “issued on” date.

Change Request

Upon the Owner’s Project Manager approving a Change Request, Onware will now display an action item for the Contract Administrator.  This allows the Contract Administrator to subsequently close the Change Request.

Coupled with this new workflow step, we have also included Change Request, in the status of “Approved” to the Contract Administrator’s project summary.


If a Consultant has made an error on a Recommendation, a Contract Administrator now can return the Recommendation to the Consultant for amendment and re-issue, without the need to re-open the Recommendation.

Click here to learn more about the new functionality available in version 9.7.0.
Click here to see all fixes available in version 9.7.0.

9.6.4 Release



When selecting the Issue and Mark Returned action button, the user selected in the To: field must be a General Contractor.

Reopening a Submittal for editing will return the Submittal to the Issued status. Submittals can only be reopened if they are in a Returned, Closed or Cancelled status.

When a Submittal is in the status “Returned” only General Contractor’s have access to edit the Submittal.


The project participant list, available in the project hub, now includes trade and discipline information.

Transmittal standard form

The Transmittal standard form has been updated to include recipient’s phone numbers.



Identified Issue: An error is generated when cancelling an initaited Submittal.

Identified Issue: Closing a Submittal may generate duplicate e-mails.

Submittal Updates

9.6.3 Enhancements

Submittals 2.0

We received a lot of great feedback on ways we could improve the Submittal process to make it more intuitive for all project participants. In Onware version 9.6.3, we completed a number of changes to Submittals based on this feedback, the Onware User’s Guide has been updated to reflect these changes.
  • The Send button in Submittals now displays Next Step (Send).
  • New Statuses: To increase the reporting capability of Submittals the following statuses have been implemented:

    Submitted – Submittals in the status of Submitted have been created and issued by a Subcontractor.

    Issued – Submittals in the status of Issued are waiting on the Consultant/Contractor Administrator for review.

    Returned – Submittals in the status of Returned have been returned to the General Contractor’s Project Manager. To move a Submittal to this status Contract Administrator’s can use the Issue and Mark Returned action button. Note: There are no restrictions on who a Submittal can be directed to, the statuses listed above are based on Onware’s suggested workflow.

  • Private Comments have been removed from the Submittal Feature.
  • The Now link has been removed from the “Return From Consultants Required” and “Required From Subcontractor” date fields.
  • Only dates in the future can be selected for the “Return From Consultants Required” and “Required From Subcontractor” date fields.
  • A setting for Default Consultant Required by Duration has been implemented for Submittals.

Submittal how-to videos are now available

Visit the Onware Youtube channel to watch the new Submittal how-to videos.

Things to Note:

Prior Submittals in the Open status have been updated to reflect the new statuses, as below:
  • Returned – When the Submittal was in the status of “Open” and the last History item action selected was “Issue and Mark Returned”, the Submittal has been categorized into the Return status.
  • Issued – When the Submittal was in the status of “Open” and the Submittal has at least one History item issued, the Submittal has been categorized into the Issued status.


Recommendations can now be Cancelled. When a Recommendation is cancelled it is unlinked from the related document. Once unlinked, a new Recommendation can be requested from the same discipline.

Change Request

The Change Request e-mail subscriptions now include the associated Change PDF and all documents in the Change e-mail subscription list.


The linked documents section now includes a list of documents that can be created from within that document. Eg. Change Directives and Field Orders can be created from within a Change.

Linked Documents

The linked document section now displays the date the link was created.

Standard Forms

Links and attachments on all Onware standard forms have been updated to the color blue.


All reports can now be viewed and PDF’d directly from all document search pages.

Click here for more information on what’s included in version 9.6.3.

9.6.3 Release



Identified Issue: When a Change is copied, attachments are not included in the copy.

Change Directive

Identified Issue: An error is generated when requesting a re-quote on a Change Directive’s Quotation.

Change Order

Identified Issue: The Change Order Document to Issue is not a mandatory field.

Clarification Request

Identified Issue: Clarification requests can be directed to disciplines not currently on the project.

Consultant Recommendation

Identified Issue: If the Require Change Estimate setting is turned on, an initiated Consultant Recommendation cannot be deleted.

E-mail Subscription

Identified Issue: Consultant Recommendations linked using the linked documents section within a Change are not included in Change e-mail subscription.

File List

Identified Issue: When sending a file in the File List via Transmittal, the file is not added to the Transmittal.


Identified Issue: The primary address selection is not set when creating a user from within a Meeting.

Progress Claim

Identified Issue: A Progress Claim can be returned after recommendations have been provided.

Request for Information

Identified Issue: If a Contract Administrator initiates a Request for Information then leaves the page, they cannot edit the initiated Request for Information.

Identified Issue: If a user has an additional discipline selected in their account, the discipline may not display for selection when directing a RFI to Consultants.

Identified Issue: An RFI can be issued without a discipline selected.


Identified Issue: The Submittal standard report required by column displays the Required from Subcontractor date.

Identified Issue: The last action search criteria filter does not allow for multiple selections.

Identified Issue: If a Submittal History is marked as deleted, the Submittal last recipient information does not update accordingly.

Identified Issue: An error is generated when marking a Submittal History as deleted.

Identified Issue: An error is generated when deleting an initaited Submittal History.


Identified Issue: When adding a Submittal to a Transmittal, the Submittal PDF and attachments are not copied into the Transmittal.

The e-mail subject is not populated for Transmittal e-mails.

Click here for more information on what’s included in version 9.6.3.

Case Study

MacEwan University
Centre for Arts and Culture

Clark Builders boosts project collaboration using Onware

Clark Builders uses Onware to store and track over 27,000 documents and attachments* on the MacEwan University Centre for Arts and Culture (CFAC) project, scheduled to open to students in the Fall of 2017. A sizeable project, with an estimated total project cost of over $181 Million spanning over 3 years, was designed by Bing Thom along with Manasc Isaac architects. The newly constructed 5 story building is designed to house all programs previously available at the West End campus and includes additional space for new programs. Clark Builders’ decision to use Onware to manage the CFAC project’s documents originated from their previous experience using Onware with the City of Edmonton’s Clareview Community Recreation Centre project. When used on the Clareview project, Onware “showed what can be done”. The key selling point: its capability to “collaborate in a central Database”, says Tyler Demers the Project Coordinate for the MacEwan CFAC project. From Trades/Subcontractors to the Owner, all project participants used Onware.


General Contractor: Architect: Owner:

Fun Facts

  • Average manpower for the week of December 16, 2016, was 215 workers
  • Over 430,000 sq. ft. over 5 stories
With over 1400 RFI’s on the project*, Tyler revealed Onware makes it easy to find the RFI he needs, as they are all stored together. Coupled with the reporting capabilities automatically included in Onware, it clearly documented who’s court the RFI was in. Onware “streamlined the process so focus can be on the management and not on document control”

*as of May 2017