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9.16.4 Enhancements and Fixes


  • Inability to place cursor in Site Visit Item when using Firefox
  • Creating an Unsolicited Change Request revision generated an error
  • General Contractor Project Managers unable to see the “Re-quote Requested/Not Accepted” text when reviewing a Re-quote Requested Unsolicited Change Request
  • Inability to save a Meeting Item when adjusting the type within the Meeting Item grid
  • Selecting save when editing a Project generated an error
  • Contract type drop down field displayed a [Null] option
  • Sort by number in the below document Search page results grid did not sort ascending/descending
    • Progress Claim
    • Unsolicited Change Request
    • Request for Information
  • Contract Administrators were directed to the incorrect page when a Supplemental Instruction is in the status of Requesting
  • Consultants were unable to delete attachments within a Submittal History forwarded to them


Unsolicited Change Request

Re-open for Editing has been re-named to Re-open for Issue. A Cancelled UCR will re-open to Issued state, providing a Contract Administrator the access to return the UCR to the General Contractor Project Manager by either Requesting Re-quote or Not Accepted action item.


Based on user feedback we have re-implemented the ability to copy the contents of a Meeting Item into a new Meeting Item quickly and easily using the new “Copy” button.

9.16.2 Fixes

  • Selecting “New Question/Revision” action button on a returned RFI generates an error when previous revision of RFI did not have a Contract selected
  • When custom numbering is used for Unsolicited Change Requests, selecting “New” generates an error
  • Unable to view or PDF Site Visit when the “Date of Site Visit” field is not selected

9.16.1 Fixes

  • When using Firefox, Contract Administrator was unable to type in the Request for Information response pop up box
  • Meeting Participant list status drop down selection did not save
  • Meeting Item inline editing did not display all formatting options
  • Meeting Item inline editing of description did not display saved text changes
  • Corrected formatting of Recipient list on Transmittal standard form
  • Corrected error on Request for Substitution standard form which occurred when the “Change in contract price” field is populated but the “Change in contract time” field is not populated

9.16 Release New Functionality

Administrator specific

Project access

Administrators (Project and/or Software) can now access all projects – active or inactive – to retrieve project documents without the need to re-activate or be a participant on the project.

From the Project Search page we have incorporated a “Select” link accessible for every project, available within the “Status” column.  Clicking “Select” will default your account to the selected project.  The project identifier information denotes if your current project is active or inactive.

Associating a User with a Company

Administrators (Project and/or Software) can now associate a User to a Company directly within the User accounts.  Further, Onware will identify if an existing User is already associated with a Company when the User is added to a Company.

User Account

For a new user, easily associate them to an existing company by typing the company name into the new field,  “Associated Company”.  When prompted, select “Yes” if the company address information should be copied into the User’s account.

For existing Users, the Associated Company field will display which Company the User is already associated with.  If an adjustment is required, delete the existing association and type the new company association required. A prompt will appear to confirm the adjustment.

Company Account

When adding an existing User to a Company, a prompt will display if the User is already associated with another company.  To adjust the association to the current company, select “Yes”.

An existing User will not be added to a Company if the User is currently associated with multiple companies. The User-Company Association tool, available from the Project search page can be used to identify which Companies the User is currently associated with.

Revisions for Request for Information

When an RFI is in the Returned status, the General Contractor Project Manager will notice the “New Question” action button has been renamed “New Question/Revision”.

Selecting “New Question/Revision” will create a new RFI document with the RFI number revision incremented, the previous revision automatically linked to the current revision and the previous revision Closed.

With the introduction of revisions, RFI numbering has been updated to depicted the revision.

The RFI search page has also been updated to include the ability to filter results to show all revisions or just latest revisions.

Unsolicited Change Request improvements

Version 9.16.0 includes improvements, based on your feedback, to the Unsolicited Change Request workflow, including: Implementation of Revisions; removing the “Returned” status; and adjustment to the “Not Accepted” and “Request Re-quote” workflow steps.  We recommend reviewing the Things to Consider section below to understand how these adjustments may impact your current projects.


When a Re-quote is requested is selected, a reason for Re-quote must be entered into the new text box “Request Re-quote/Not Accepted Reason” prior to the UCR being directed to the General Contractor Project Manager’s on the project.  The General Contractor Project Manager will have the ability to create a new revision or close the UCR.

Selecting “New Revision” will create a new UCR document with the UCR number revision incremented, the previous revision automatically linked to the current revision and the previous revision Closed.

With the introduction of revisions, UCR numbering has been updated to depicted the revision.  The standard form has also been updated to display the “Request Re-quote/Not Accepted Reason”.  Additionally, the search page now includes the ability to filter results to show all revisions or just latest revisions.

Not Accepted

When Not Accepted is selected, a reason for choosing Not Accepted must be entered into the new text box “Request Re-quote/Not Accepted Reason”.  Further, selecting Not Accepted will now notify, via an Action Item, the General Contractor Project Manager’s on the project to allow them to review the reason the UCR was not accepted.

Things to Consider:

  • All existing “Returned” status E-mail Subscription have been updated to status of “Re-quote requested” upon the update to version 9.16.0
  • All existing UCR’s in the status of”Returned” have been updated to status of “Re-quote requested” upon the update to version 9.16.0
  • Custom forms will need to be amended to include Re-quote Requested/Not Accepted information


Introducing Meeting Items

Creating, assigning and completing Tasks are now managed independent of Meetings and have been removed from Meetings.

The ability to document and assign meting discussion items is now administered by Meeting Items.  Upon upgrade to version 9.16.0, existing entries in the Task Types setting have been copied into Meeting Item Types setting.

Meeting Items are identical to Tasks, with the following exceptions:

  • Meeting Items do not trigger an Action Item to the Assignee
  • Meeting Item information will display for the current Meeting only and is not a cumulative total of the Meeting Item of all updates from the first created Meeting to the most recent Meeting

When a new Meeting is created of the same Type, existing Tasks in the status of Assigned or Done are automatically created as Meeting Items, providing the transition of existing Tasks into Meeting Items.

For subsequent Meetings of the same Type, Onware will copy Meeting Items from the last issued Meeting into the newly created Meeting, using the Meeting’s End Date to ascertain which Meeting is the most recently issued; therefore, the Start/End Date fields are now required prior to issuing a Meeting.

Meeting Items can easily be edited using in-line editing.  To edit a Meeting Item, simply select the Meeting item you wish to edit directly within the table, and when finished, select Save.

Things to Consider

  • Meeting Items do not display the cumulative information from all meetings, and as such, the action “Mark Closed prior to this meeting” is no longer relevant and has been removed
  • Custom forms will need to be amended to include Meeting Items
  • Meetings initiated prior to 9.16.0 must toggle the Meeting Type field to transition existing Tasks into Meeting Items

9.16 Release Enhancements and Fixes

9.16 Enhancements and Fixes


  • Error received when using the “Download as a Zip” link in an Onware e-mail
  • Error received when using the “Create Change Order” from a Change Directive on project’s with one contract
  • Selecting an option from the “Select an action” drop down from the Contact section of editing a Company generated an error
  • When a new form was created from an existing one, the new form did not show in the project’s Configure Printed Forms list
  • Package and/or Audit options did not display on the Progress Claim search page
  • Corrected spelling of “forty” on the Progress Claim printed form
  • Error when Contract Administrator selected Progress Claim Recommendation request Action Item
  • When a Project or Software Administrator does not have a project selected and attempted to remove a User from a Project, an error was encountered
  • Request for Information search page “Responded” column displayed Disciplines who’s responses had been “Marked as deleted”
  • Corrected status transition when a Request for Substitution is transitioned to Returned or Not Accepted
  • Updated security on below settings to allow Project and Software Administrators to adjust  as required
    • Anonymous E-mail Attachment Download
    • Maximum E-mail Size settings
  • Updated access to allow all project Roles to view Transmittals
  • Transmittals can now be referenced in a document’s “Linked Documents”
  • Error received when selecting delete on an initiated Unsolicited Change Request


  • The Type of Recommendation (Progress Claim, Quotation, Unsolicited Change Request, Request for Substitution) is now included in the title of the Recommendation document
  • Removed read-only access to the General section of a Change Directive
  • Reason for Re-quote will always display on Quotation standard printed form
  • Site Visit standard form’s “Date of Site Visit” now displays issuer’s timezone
  • When a project has one contract, the Contract is automatically set when a new Supplemental Instruction is created
  • Active users are now displayed in the Project Hub’s Users on this Project listing
  • When the action of “Close & Create Change” is used on an Unsolicited Change Request, and a Quotation has been created automatically, the created Change will inherit the status of Priced and the date documented for the priced date of the Change is documented as the Unsolicited Change Request’s Issued date
  • The list of documents included in the Progress Claim E-mail Subscription has been updated to include the associated Recommendation’s attachments
  • Updated all Quotation edit pages to display the link to its associated Change
  • Tableau workbook drop down list is now sorted in alphabetical order
  • Implemented Copy functionality within the “Select an Action” drop down list on the Transmittal search page
  • The list of documents included in an Unsolicited Change Request E-mail Subscription has been amended to include the associated Recommendation and the Recommendation’s attachments
  • Additional spaces before or after an e-mail address typed in the E-mail address fields of a User’s account will automatically be removed
  • Implemented ability to disassociate an Unsolicited Change Request from Change
  • Submittals
    • General Contractor Project Managers is not be able to edit a Submittals in the status of Issued
    • The Submittal standard form now includes the sender and recipients Company name
    • All General Contractor Project Managers will receive an Action Item when a Submittal is Returned

9.15.0 New Functionality, Enhancements and Fixes

New Functionality

New Settings

“Require Code” and “Require Internal Code”

These settings, when enabled, enforce the “Code” and/or the “Internal Code” drop down fields within a Change to be mandatory prior to Action.  These setting can be configured globally or on a per project basis.


  • Change Discipline field will no longer auto-populate based on the Contract Administrators discipline
  • Project Summary now displays aging for Changes in the status of “Requesting”.  Aging is calculated difference between today’s date and the date the Change was initiated
  • Meeting “Flag as” drop down list wording has been updated:
    • Deactivated > Cancelled
    • Default > Proposed
  • Submittal History “Action Taken” down down field is now a mandatory field and must be completed prior to issuing
  • Contract Administrators can now edit any other Contract Administrator’s initiated Supplemental Instruction’s


  • When a Change Directive is initiated from within a Change, on a project that has one contract, the Change Directive numbering skips
  • Attachments with capitalized file extensions caused errors when uploaded
  • Users were unable to access Action Item Search page without a project selected
  • Quotation did not have ability to Link Documents
  • Request for Information printed form displayed the Contract Administrators company logo and return address when the RFI was initiated on behalf of the General Contractor Project Manager
  • If a user is set up to receive an E-mail Subscription for a Submittal status, and the same user was sent a Submittal History to action, they received two emails for the same Submittal
  • Task Action Items were triggered every time the Task was saved
  • Disciplines of Read Only Consultants were displaying as options when requesting a Recommendations or Consultant Recommendations
  • Disciplines of inactive Consultant project participants were displaying as options when requesting a Recommendation or Consultant Recommendation
  • When a Quotation was created from an Unsolicited Change Request, the Quotation issued date displayed as the UCR’s closed date.  This has been updated so the Quotation issued date reflects the UCR’s issued date

9.14.0 New Functionality,Enhancements and Fixes

New Functionality

Bluebeam Integration

Create Studio sessions, notify reviewers to join the session to mark up the drawings, and retrieve the final document – all without leaving Onware! Connecting your Bluebeam Studio account within Onware will allow you to start a Bluebeam Studio Sessions directly within a Submittal History.  Selecting “Join Session” when reviewing the Submttal, opens the reviewer’s installed Bluebeam  application.  Once logged into Bluebeam, the session and drawings are available for the reviewer to markup.  When the drawing reviews have been completed,  “Finalize Session” to have Onware retrieve the marked up drawing from Bluebeam and attach to the Submittal History.

Request Help

Do you have a question or issue in Onware?  You can now submit a Request Help ticket directly from within Onware!  Upon completion of the form, your request will automatically notify our Client Services Help Desk of your request.


  • Added Time Impact field to a Quotation when entered on behalf of the Contractor
  • Consultants were unable to provide Recommendations on an Unsolicited Change Request simultaneously.
  • Initiated and Marked as Deleted RFI were required to be issued prior to  returning to the General Contractor Project Manager