Case Studies

A further look into how Onware is used by our clients.

Kingsway Toyota

Increasing efficiency with Onware Awarded at over $20 million, Kasian oversaw the Contract Administration and Prime Consultant roles of the Kingsway Toyota project, with Chandos as the General Contractor and Go Auto as the Owner and Client. Onware was used on this project from start to finish, maximizing efficiency and saving time for everyone involved. […]
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Clareview Recreation Center
and Clareview Library

Onware proves to be an invaluable tool in Contract Administration Management The Clareview Recreation Centre and Clareview Library project was an unprecedented Recreation Centre project for the City of Edmonton. Previous Recreation Centres were built or renovated more than 30 years ago, when LEED certification didn’t exist, nor were they as large or complex. The […]
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Atikokan General Hospital

 Distance is no issue when collaborating online using Onware The Atikokan General Hospital project, with a completion date of July 2017, is a two-year stipulated price $11.3 million contract, included an addition to the hospital as well as a renovation. The project consisted of four phases: Phase 1, the addition of the hospital and Phases […]
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Ramsay Wright Teaching Laboratories

Onware a perfect fit for the project The Ramsay Wright Teaching Laboratories project is a multi-phased project spanning over multiple years. DIALOG is the Prime Consultant and Contract Administrator for Phases 1-3 of the project, with a completion of Phase 1 in January 2015 and Phase 3 in 2017. Managed out of the DIALOG’s Toronto […]
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MacEwan University
Centre for Arts and Culture

Clark Builders boosts project collaboration using Onware Clark Builders uses Onware to store and track over 27,000 documents and attachments* on the MacEwan University Centre for Arts and Culture (CFAC) project, scheduled to open to students in the Fall of 2017. A sizeable project, with an estimated total project cost of over $181 Million spanning […]
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