Payment & Refund Policy

Payment & Refund Policy

All pricing on this web site is in Candian dollars. All payments are processed in Canadian dollars. A late payment fee of 5% monthly (79.59% per annum) is applied from the invoice date when payment has not been received by Onware within 30 days of the invoice date.

Monthly Services

We do not offer any refunds on any payments made to us for hosted Cloud or Enterprise Cloud software. There are no contracts for Hosted Software and you can terminate your account with us at any point of time wherein you will not be charged from the subsequent month in your payment cycle. All payments are processed automatically every month in advance for a period of one month. Your payment cycle and billing date depends on your sign-up date. A Visa or MasterCard pre-authorization is required upon commencement of Monthly Services.

Enterprise Customers

Customers purchasing an Enterprise Software License are subject to a different refund policy, outlined as part of the Software License.
We accept corporate cheques (after a successful credit application) for the following products/services:
  1. Enterprise Software Licenses
  2. Annual Software License Maintenance fees *
  3. Training *
  4. Custom Forms & Reports *
* Invoices can also be paid by Visa/MasterCard.