Manage your project portfolio and decrease turn-around time.

Easy to Use

User-centric design and years of refinement make complex tasks simple and painless.

Create and issue documents in just a few clicks

It’s easy to get started with Onware. Once you have your login information, all you need to do is to fire up your favourite Internet browser. After you log in, creating and issuing documents in Onware is a snap. You can submit a Request for Information in as few as 5 clicks. Entering a response to an RFI can be done in only 2 clicks!

E-mails delivered to the correct people

Once you issue a document, Onware will automatically distribute it to the correct people. Users can specify their preferences as to which e-mails they receive—such as a notification whenever a Supplemental Instruction is issued. No more remembering who wants to receive which documents; reducing e-mail clutter and overload.

Go direct to PDF without any plug-ins

Need a PDF of the document? Onware has you covered with built-in direct to PDF support for documents as well as reports. When receiving e-mail notifications, Onware will deliver you a PDF of the document and even combine it with other PDF attachments to help keep everything organized.

Automatically notify others when input is needed

Whether you have signed up to receive e-mail notifications or not, Onware lets you know which documents need your attention. Right on your main menu, you will find a list of ‘alerts’ or action items of documents that are awaiting your input. Once you provide your input the notification is automatically dismissed. You can even choose to receive a daily digest of all your action items by e-mail.

Collaborate Anywhere

Our cloud-based solution makes collaboration easier than ever before.

Just an Internet connection is required

To connect, all you need is an Internet connection. Onware is engineered to avoid things that slow web applications down, so if you are on site with only 3G you can still use Onware efficiently.

Works with all browsers

Onware works with all browsers, and we are constantly testing with different platforms and version to make sure. Whether your favourite is Safari or Chrome, or you are stuck on Internet Explorer 11, Onware will work equally well.

Collaborate using a secure central database

All Onware users work off the same secure central database, with no syncing required. Our cloud offerings leverage state-of-the-art Windows Azure SQL Database, with redundant systems, and regular backups. At the end of the project, final documents along with all attachments can be exported for archiving.

Save Time

Distraction-free design means you get more done in less time.

Data flows from one document to the next

You hate having to re-type the same thing over and over. Onware does too, so we have made it easy to copy text from one document to another. For example, we automatically bring the text from a Contemplated Change in to a Change Order, you won’t have to enter the title or description over again.

Eliminate duplicate data entry and manual calculations

When a contractor prices a change, they enter the amount. That amount is then carried forward to the change order and on to the progress claims without having to re-enter it. This helps to eliminate errors that could result in having to amend and re-issue dozens of documents. Plus, automatically calculating the amounts of the change orders means you can retire your existing spreadsheets.

Store signed documents with all attachments

It’s a drag printing out piles of documents and signing them all by hand, plus it’s a waste of paper. Onware helps by allowing you to upload your signature and then automatically inserting it in the documents that you issue. If someone is still signing the traditional way, we have you covered by allowing you to upload the signed versions at all approval steps.

Locate data quickly with searching and document linking

Remember that RFI about “acoustic tiles” from 3 months ago? Track it down easily with keyword search. There was a cost impact on that one, wasn’t there? You will know right away with a link between the RFI and a Contemplated Change. Onware not only makes it a trivial exercise to find documents in the database, it lets you cross reference both in the documents themselves as well as on reports.

Real-Time Analytics

Look at your data differently with our real-time analytics and visualization tools

Dozens of flexible, detailed reports are available

Each document type in Onware provides at least two reports: a summary version formatted for printing and a CSV file that can be opened in Excel or your favorite spreadsheet. Using a set of convenient, well-thought-out filters, you can control which data will show up on these reports. Need to know which outstanding RFIs are waiting a response from your electrical consultant? It’s only 6 clicks away.

Project summaries report on the status of open items

Run a Project Summary report for each of your jobs to see all outstanding items, including RFIs, Changes, and Shop Drawings. It shows their status as well as who it is waiting for and you can click through any item for more detail.

Track the aging of active items

Maintain standards on turn-around time using Onware’s Active Items report. It shows summary information on Requests for Information, Changes, Progress Claims and Shop Drawings with their age in days. Managers can schedule this report to be delivered to them by e-mail on a recurring basis.

Compare jobs with cross-project metrics and comparisons

Onware has two key reports for performance metrics to compare project. The Performance Report tracks response times and summarizes by Studio or Business Unit. The Cross-Project time summarizes changes by code on your projects and then provides a summary of all listed jobs.

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