Easy to Use

Create and issue documents in just a few clicks

It’s easy to get started with Onware. Once you have your login information, all you need to do is to fire up your favourite Internet browser. After you log in, creating and issuing documents in Onware is a snap. You can submit a Request for Information in as few as 5 clicks. Entering a response to an RFI can be done in only 2 clicks!

E-mails delivered to the correct people

Once you issue a document, Onware will automatically distribute it to the correct people. Users can specify their preferences as to which e-mails they receive—such as a notification whenever a Supplemental Instruction is issued. No more remembering who wants to receive which documents; reducing e-mail clutter and overload.

Go direct to PDF without any plug-ins

Need a PDF of the document? Onware has you covered with built-in direct to PDF support for documents as well as reports. When receiving e-mail notifications, Onware will deliver you a PDF of the document and even combine it with other PDF attachments to help keep everything organized.

Automatically notify others when input is needed

Whether you have signed up to receive e-mail notification or not, Onware lets you know which documents need your attention. Right on your main menu, you will find a list of ‘alerts’ or action items of documents that are awaiting your input. Once you provide your input the notification is automatically dismissed. You can even choose to receive a daily digest of all your action items by e-mail.