Real-Time Analytics

Dozens of flexible, detailed reports are available

Each document type in Onware provides at least two reports: a summary version formatted for printing and a CSV file that can be opened in Excel or your favorite spreadsheet. Using a set of convenient, well-thought out filters, you can control which data will show up on these reports. Need to know which outstanding RFIs are waiting a response from your electrical consultant? It’s only 6 clicks away.

Project summaries report on the status of open items

Run a Project Summary report each of your jobs to see all outstanding items, including RFIs, Changes, and Shop Drawings. It shows their status as well as who it is waiting for and you can click through on any item for more detail.

Track the aging of active items

Maintain standards on turn-around time using Onware’s Active Items report. It shows summary information on Requests for Information, Changes, Progress Claims and Shop Drawings with their age in days. Managers can schedule this report to be delivered to them by e-mail on a recurring basis.

Compare jobs with cross-project metrics and comparisons

Onware has two key reports for performance metrics to compare project. The Performance Report tracks response times and summarizes by Studio or Business Unit. The Cross-Project time summarizes changes by code on your projects and then provides a summary of all listed jobs.