Save Time

Data flows from one document to the next

You hate having to re-type the same thing over and over. Onware does too, so we have make it easy to copy text from one document to another. For example, we automatically bring the text from a Contemplated Change in to a Change Order, you won’t have to enter the title or description over again.

Eliminate duplicate data entry and manual calculations

When a contractor prices a change, they enter the amount. That amount is then carried forward to the change order and on to the progress claims without having to re-enter it. This helps to eliminate errors that could result in having to amend and re-issue dozens of documents. Plus, automatically calculating the amounts of the change orders means you can retire your existing spreadsheets.

Store signed documents with all attachments

It’s a drag printing out piles of documents and signing them all by hand, plus it’s a waste of paper. Onware helps by allowing you to upload your signature and then automatically inserting it in the documents that you issue. If someone is still signing the traditional way, we have you covered by allowing you to upload the signed versions at all approval steps.

Locate data quickly with searching and document linking

Remember that RFI about “acoustic tiles” from 3 months ago? Track it down easily with keyword search. There was a cost impact on that one, wasn’t there? You will know right away with a link between the RFI and a Contemplated Change. Onware not only makes it a trivial exercise find documents in the database, it lets you cross reference both in the documents themselves as well as on reports.