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Case Study

Kingsway Toyota

Increasing efficiency with Onware

Awarded at over $20 million, Kasian oversaw the Contract Administration and Prime Consultant roles of the Kingsway Toyota project, with Chandos as the General Contractor and Go Auto as the Owner and Client.

Onware was used on this project from start to finish, maximizing efficiency and saving time for everyone involved. A fundamental Onware component which proved vital to this project is “its centralized database…for storing and accessing project information and documents”, says Project Manager Patricia Scott.

Storing all data in a central location and allowing all project participants to collaborate, Onware effortlessly manages portfolios and decreases turn-around time.


Prime Consultant & Contract







Fun Facts:

  • Kingsway Toyota renamed their dealership to Northwest Edmonton to reflect their change in location.
Case Study

Clareview Recreation Center
and Clareview Library

Onware proves to be an invaluable tool in Contract Administration Management

The Clareview Recreation Centre and Clareview Library project was an unprecedented Recreation Centre project for the City of Edmonton. Previous Recreation Centres were built or renovated more than 30 years ago, when LEED certification didn’t exist, nor were they as large or complex.

The decision to use Onware derived from the City of Edmonton’s Project Managers. Previous experience demonstrated how a digital construction management system was an invaluable tool. Not only for document management of records, but also beneficial for those hired to complete the project to have consistent, real time access to the project documents. Coupled with the understanding the Clareview Rec Centre project was a significant, mulit-phased undertaking including additional Owner stakeholders, such as Cardinal Collins Catholic High School, YMCA (childcare) and the Edmonton Public Library, the need for a Collaborative Contract Administration management system was crucial.

Henry Maisonneuve, the City of Edmonton’s Project Manager who oversaw the Clareview Rec Centre project, quickly identified the value and efficiencies Onware provides. Onware supplies the “convenience” of further customization of its configurations “but out of the box configuration is immediately available”, said Henry.

The first efficiency observed - a consistent filing structure for all projects. The consistent structure of document storage and retrieval in Onware made it easy for project participants to know where and how to find their information for all projects utilizing Onware. For the City of Edmonton specifically, the ability to compile cross project reporting allowed them to retrieve and compare statistics and outcomes, presenting strategic insights not readily available otherwise.

Onware’s principal and owner, Fraser Gallop, facilitated a project kick off session in 2011 with attendance from the project stakeholders - City of Edmonton (Owner), Clark Builders (General Contractor), Architecture |Tkalcic Bengert (Prime Consultant) and Teeple Architects (Design Architect). The immediate benefit of using Onware was quickly demonstrated with all stakeholders agreeing the use of Onware would benefit each party individually as well as the project collectively. All parties saw the strategic value of Onware within their core business.

Throughout the project, Onware provided cohesiveness. Insights into potential issues and trends were revealed early in the project, allowing strategic conversations to be had. In Henry’s words, “diverting conversations that were distracting and identified the underlying issues”.

From the use of Onware on the Clareview Rec Centre project, Architecture|TB (now part of the Stantec family) became clients of Onware and use Onware for their projects.


General Contractor:


Prime Consultant:

Design Architect:


Fun Facts

  • LEED Silver Project
  • The main rec centre facility was connected to other establishments - Edmonton Public Library and Cardinal Collins Catholic High School
  • Situated on 40 acres of land, including sport fields and walking trails
  • Completed 4th quarter 2014
Case Study

Atikokan General Hospital

 Distance is no issue when collaborating online using Onware

The Atikokan General Hospital project, with a completion date of July 2017, is a two-year stipulated price $11.3 million contract, included an addition to the hospital as well as a renovation. The project consisted of four phases: Phase 1, the addition of the hospital and Phases 2-4, the renovation of existing space.

The key challenge of this project was its geographically diverse project team. How geographically diverse? The General Contractor, Manshield Construction Inc., office resides in Thunderbay, and is located 2,000 km away from the hospitals location. The Owner, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care of Ontario, is located 1,700 km away from Kasian’s Toronto office. Having an “electronic system, a god send with time saved” stated Michael Paquette, the Project Manager on the project.

Without Onware's collaborative online document management system, the project would have had to rely on a courier to deliver documents. With such a geographically diverse team, it would take seven working days for the courier delivery. Paquette expressed, a “single system that is current all the time is key”, with all people accessing and gaining answers to their questions, and without a “dependency on one person or system”.


General Contractor:







Fun Facts:

  • A total of 6,200 sq.ft. was renovated and 8,900 sq. ft. added to make room for four acute beds and four long-term beds
  • Manshield Construction completed one section at a time and turned it over to the hospital, who would then transfer patients and services around and turnover the next area of renovation to Manshield
Case Study

Ramsay Wright Teaching Laboratories

Onware a perfect fit for the project

The Ramsay Wright Teaching Laboratories project is a multi-phased project spanning over multiple years. DIALOG is the Prime Consultant and Contract Administrator for Phases 1-3 of the project, with a completion of Phase 1 in January 2015 and Phase 3 in 2017.

Managed out of the DIALOG’s Toronto studio, the Stipulated Price Contract awarded is nearly $15 million.

Onware is the contract management software of choice for DIALOG, and was a perfect fit for this project. Craig Applegath, the Partner in Charge, values how Onware can identify all outstanding documents, show whose court those documents are in, and can easily establish how long an item has been outstanding. He states that with its “central location of documentation and tracking of every decision made”, it has proven to be an invaluable tool.

Even its use in a multi-year, multi-phased project, despite turn-over within companies, Onware keeps track of all documents and easily identifies accountability. All participants collaborate with Onware, and can view, search, and report on all project documents. Using Onware ensures everyone is aligned with the project’s end goal.


Prime Consultant &
Contract Administrator:







Fun Fact:

  • As of December 2016, the project has stored over 4000 documents within Onware, and more than 3000 emails have been automatically processed to project participants.
Case Study

MacEwan University
Centre for Arts and Culture

Clark Builders boosts project collaboration using Onware

Clark Builders uses Onware to store and track over 27,000 documents and attachments* on the MacEwan University Centre for Arts and Culture (CFAC) project, scheduled to open to students in the Fall of 2017. A sizeable project, with an estimated total project cost of over $181 Million spanning over 3 years, was designed by Bing Thom along with Manasc Isaac architects. The newly constructed 5 story building is designed to house all programs previously available at the West End campus and includes additional space for new programs. Clark Builders’ decision to use Onware to manage the CFAC project’s documents originated from their previous experience using Onware with the City of Edmonton’s Clareview Community Recreation Centre project. When used on the Clareview project, Onware “showed what can be done”. The key selling point: its capability to “collaborate in a central Database”, says Tyler Demers the Project Coordinate for the MacEwan CFAC project. From Trades/Subcontractors to the Owner, all project participants used Onware.


General Contractor: Architect: Owner:

Fun Facts

  • Average manpower for the week of December 16, 2016, was 215 workers
  • Over 430,000 sq. ft. over 5 stories
With over 1400 RFI’s on the project*, Tyler revealed Onware makes it easy to find the RFI he needs, as they are all stored together. Coupled with the reporting capabilities automatically included in Onware, it clearly documented who’s court the RFI was in. Onware “streamlined the process so focus can be on the management and not on document control”

*as of May 2017

Clark Builders

Clark Builders is one of the top ten general contractors in Canada and part of the largest construction organization in North America, serving industrial, commercial and institutional market sectors. Through an ownership structure comprised of our employees and our partner, Turner Construction Company, we maintain the culture of a small company with the distinct capabilities of an international firm. Regardless of the size, sector, location or complexity of a project, we will confidently deliver.


Since its founding in 1983, Kasian has grown to become one of the world’s top 100 integrated design firms. With nearly 300 team members in offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Qatar, the firm engages with clients locally and abroad in all market sectors. Kasian’s services include architecture, interior design, and planning, with specialization in the academic, science and technology; civic; commercial; health care; transportation and corporate workplace market sectors. Visit us at www.kasian.com.


DIALOG, a national interdisciplinary design firm, has been using Onware for a decade and was a collaborator during development of the original Onware platform. Their many high-profile projects using Onware include Kaye Edmonton Clinic and Calgary International Airport. “We focus on complex design challenges and Onware is an essential tool for managing that complexity,” says Jeff DiBattista, Practice Principal at DIALOG. “To date, we have tracked over 1 million construction documents using Onware. It’s helped us to reduce turnaround times on requests for information and shop drawings. Onware also gives our principals the reporting to be able to monitor status of outstanding items, and our Contract Administrators have the day-to-day tools they need to keep on top of their projects.”